Making Plans!

I took the plunge yesterday and put a deposit down on a photography workshop in NYC next year. It’s focused on the style and genre of photography I want to pursue and is being taught by someone I only found recently but I have been devouring all their past work. All in all it will be ~$3500 USD and I have to really buckle down and save to make sure I can pay it off. It’s the only workshop schedule for NYC in 2022 so far but I am SO.EXCITED.ABOUT.IT!!!!

I’ve never been good with planning vacations or trips but I really want to focus on spending my money on experiences instead of “stuff”. I *want* a new camera, nevermind that I have **3** perfectly good cameras for the project I have in mind. I can always find something to spend money on but when I have something I want to save for I’m, usually, pretty good about getting to that goal.

Work is coming a bit easier these days. I have a good routine and something I started doing ~3 weeks ago was writing my todo list and physically checking things off the list as I did them. Anything I didn’t get to I would put a “c” beside it for “carry over” and at the end of the day I write the todo list for the next day with the carry overs at the top of the list. If something goes more than 2 days being carried over I re-evaluate if I actually need to do it right this second or if I need to do it all. IIRC that’s part of the Eisenhower method? I could be wrong about that. I’m purposefully not looking that up b/c I know if I do I’ll go down the rabbit hole of organization methods, get overwhelmed and end up not even writing things down. I’m doing what works for me and what makes me feel like I’m getting shit done. I’m playing around with moving the handwritten list to an app on my ipad called Notion. I’ve used Notion in the past but again, I got more into configuring the tool instead of actually using the damn thing. I think, for now, I’m going to just stick with pen and paper.

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