Pretty Good Week

Work still sucks but I did make some progress that made me feel like things are starting to click. I shouldn’t be surprised when this happens but every time I learn something new for work or personal I always get frustrated that I’m not “getting it” but then, like a light switch, my brain catches on. I should know better by now, but here I

I got to take an outing to privately owned sunflower field to practice some macro photography and it was absolutely glorious! It was hot, bug infested, sweaty but I just zoned out to what was around me and took almost 400 pics in ~30 minutes or so. I managed to get a few good ones and got some pretty good feedback when I posted them on all the Socials. I’m making an effort to take the positive feedback as that, positive. I don’t point out the flaws that I see in the work I just simply reply with a heart and a “thank you!”. I think everyone is their harshest critic so while I do see and get frustrated at some of the mistakes I see I just make notes of what they are and how I can address them in the future. That’s been a pretty big step for me and one that I’m very proud of myself for taking!

The journey to dating again is still a trudge. I’ve been talking to someone in FL and it’s been nice but it’s getting somewhat tedious. It’s been so long since I’ve talked to someone where there’s a chance of a more intimate relationship that it feels like I’ve forgotten how to do it. I don’t really know how to transition to “flirting”, like at all. Speaking of they’ve messaged me so I should really go reply to them. There was mention of laser hair removal, full body laser hair removal so I feel like that’s a signal, maybe? I don’t know….lol.

Talk Soon.

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August 3, 2021

What a great opportunity to do a photo shoot in a field of sunflowers!  It must have been beautiful!  I could easily take hundreds of photos in such a setting, too.  🙂