Pulling The Trigger

I wasn’t sure how useful I would find an anonymous blog but it’s actually been really helpful. I can see myself getting to the point of just posting when I feel like it and not having anything in drafts. On other blogs drafts have become my nemesis, I would start a post and then get in my own way about making it “perfect” instead of just pushing it out or as I like to call it “analysis paralysis”. Can’t remember where I heard that phrase but it describes me perfectly. In pretty much all aspects of my life I get *really* excited about something and then start researching it and studying it, and then I get super excited about it and then I bog down in trying to make myself the “perfect expert” in it.

Wow, anyway, I was just going to post that I pulled the trigger on a yearly membership here at OD. I warn you now that will ramble on when I post something or maybe post multiple somethings per day.

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