The Routine

I’ve been in a pretty good flow over the last month with exercise, healthy eating, personal hygiene, etc. I do well with routines until something happens to knock me out of it and then things just fall apart, well, I let things fall apart. This morning I had a meeting that was supposed to happen last week that I was dreading last week and have been dreading since it was canceled. I noticed on Monday that it had been rescheduled to a time that I’m usually just finishing up some exercise and I was pretty concerned. But I sat down and wrote out what my normal morning routine is and then made adjustments to it so I could still get the most important thing done which is exercise. I actually doubled my morning exercise time by just staying closer to home instead of going to a park that’s farther away. It sounds dumb when I type it out but making a physical list of things I do and adjusting *really* helped me. As it turns out the meeting I’d been dreading for 8 days went really well and I was able to provide some feedback that should result in some positive changes for my old team as well as the new one.

I’m calling today a win and I’m going to enjoy it for a bit and use that energy to try and setup the rest of the week for success!

Talk Soon.


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