Why Not Me?

I’m sitting here watching another video from a youtuber that I follow about quitting their day job and doing youtube full time. I find myself jealous and angry b/c this person is around my age and in the same industry as me. He’s turned what he does on a day to day basis into his own gig.

Why am I angry? B/c it’s not me. But what have I done on anything to advance my goals. Not a goddamned thing. I’ve done nothing but day dream and fantasize about what my life would be like if I could do that. I haven’t done any of the grunt work, or *any* of the work to honest, to even attempt to make that a reality for myself. Not a fucking thing.

So to answer my own questions, why not me? Because I’m a lazy, procrastinating person who just magically wants to change my circumstances without doing fuck all.

Let’s see if I can change that.

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October 4, 2021

Start with baby steps. Put one video on youtube. Doesn’t have to be good. You could be in your pajamas with a spaghetti stain on your shirt. Make it private if you have to. It could be 20 seconds of you talking about a bad cup of coffee. Move your body and your mind, I can tell you are ready for movement.