I am so happy now.

Yesterday I went out to shop grocery and buy some new year cards, but today I could not find my purse. I looked for everywhere at home, under the sofa, under the bed, under the table. I imagined all the possibilities, it would drop out from my pocket after the shopping, someone stole it and such and such.

One of my high-school friends messaged me and wonder do I want to write an email of my expectations for 2021 and then send to her , so I could look at the email one year later to see if the expectations come true. But I said no…I lost my purse..I do not feel in that mood. Actually I want to say I feel losing purse at the end of 2020 is an ominous for the new year. 😫

I was sad, but I just found my purse under the car seat. Yes, where else would it be? I checked my account, no one purchase anything except me. Thank god, I have not call the banks yet.

If losing purse at the end of 2020 means an ominous, retrieving one must mean a good prospect 😄


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December 30, 2020

glad you found it…. I always put my purse in the same place so I never lose it


January 1, 2021

@kaliko Me, too. I usually put my purse in the pocket of my coat hanged beside the front door, so I was kinda of panic if I could not find it at the same place.

January 1, 2021

@april10 you probably were in a rush that night

January 7, 2021

@kaliko Yes, definitely a rush night haha😅