It’s not what you think…ok maybe it is.

She is that diva, clicks the lighter closed quickly, she doesn’t even smoke. What. The. Fuck. 

My darling albatross, why are you so sad?

…and she flutters to the ground so many summers come and gone, for love of her and gone are liquid delights of sights and sounds and we wither and we wither…but hope, in yon window fair. Nay it is nothing of a faery god mother. This be the Morrigan. And she doesn’t take kindly to Bitches touching her shit! And this is flight and fold and origami and that sound of wind and night and day and shine and…

She is beautiful just there. Right there you see? I think I saw it in a movie or maybe read it somewhere. Right there-and it’s done. See now sit, sit drink l, have some nuts. Come now just for a small moment. Drink drink drink yes. See do you understand the moment? The thing I pointed at?

I saw the bird fly up, and then down.

No but see but ok no come on, you skipped so much. How could you not but you see. It is this beautiful to which I speak. This tender green beautify intoxicating.  Always one step away from violence or poetry, she is mine in a heart beat and mine one thunder storm, winds blowing, I’ll take her, and she’ll beat me but man, but man. To hold her in my arms. To feel her shake and then crumble and then just cry. Because it’s hard, it’s hard being the Witch Queen, and on days like this one must think that even a diety of such meager standings as goes the pantheons would also need a bit of a respite I think yes.

Wait. What was it?

Hm? What? Oh? Mm I’m not sure I don’t know, but…you know she is the most beautiful,  when she walks in her gardens, with a beer and whimsical smile. She’s at peace. There is where I see her heaven.

You are a asshole I mean the thing about the fucking birds

Oooohhh my bad. Yes yeah. Mmm so the one one one one zero one thing that was missing is this:

For a brief moment she was weightless, and nothing nothing sweet and kind nothing sweet heart, love, honey.  Nothing held her down and nothing told her no.

Open your eyes. Hi, hey, hey it’s me. I told you-

-it is really hard to stay in a timely manner period when I think about us. It is a weird thing to slip through time so softly with her. It is a weird thing to see you so clearly in all these times. Like If I could I’d dig all that up, all that before now, all these lives we’ve loved together fighting and loving and loving and loving uh. Hon, I love you. With this heart, this breath.

I am a silly man, and I have made huge mistakes. I do not consider you among them at all. You are mine, with all your beauty and frailty, with all your bossiness and grumpy. I know you very well. And I say-

Come home. This, this, this it’s a good place we made together…no…when you forget go look. This is a good place we have made.




Come home

These feathers, because of course she moults. Just joking. Like who moults anymore. It’s just weird.

But she is fierce and beautiful and wonderful and mine. 

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