April Showers

Off the pull of the grey downpour

This rainy late spring day

Savage writhing of the water spray

The volumes unspoken which are living inside me

That cannot escape

That cannot break free

Cold sprung ephemeral pull of the day

This want and need

I used to house inside of me

Just like how she used to love the wind

But now sits dormant in a little cage

In this space where she loves nothing

The bars and verses she once had sang

Lost away on the breeze she praised then

And just like she was, here I am

Year to year the grayness overtaking them

The notes and lyrics I had in my head

Stormy swirling seas

Words I needed to say

I felt them so deeply

Stuck on these shivering lips

This wet spring day

They used to live inside of me

Now they’ve gone away


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