Self Medication…

yeah I know it’s bad for me

but it’s hard to breathe

and it’s hard to be

it’s hard to exist as anything

in this world if it isn’t for him


yeah they tell me he’s bad for me

such a waste to waste myself on something

that time tested and constantly

never sees any good in me


yeah they tell me that I’m wrong

but I’ve known it all along

and I’ve never felt the way I do

when I’m faltering and turning blue

suffocating on the truth

and blindly turning my back to proof


yeah they tell me that a girl like me should hold out

wait for something definite

avoid pain, avoid regret

they tell me I’m a fucking princess

but I never felt like one

and I never met a man

who made me feel like anything

better than an interim

a period between other things

and other girls and other feelings

a purgatory person


yeah they tell me that I’m charming

those people moving their lips

they don’t know me

they don’t know shit.

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