The End of the World

I saw, on a bike ride, so much garbage and litter… actual tires thrown into the marsh on the side of the road…

I thought to myself: “jesus christ. I’m going to live through a very awful time in human history…. I am not old enough to hope to be dead before the worst of our actions comes back to fuck us”

And I was horrified… how would I live through the certain crisis we are creating, now, each day, throwing tires into marshes and garbage just fucking strewn everywhere. I mean, animals don’t even live in their own refuse. But we do. We do silently and awkwardly, we barely even see it. We pretend it isn’t there. The bulk of it just disappears from us, never to be seen again and so we never think of it again. So much so that some of us even feel a level of comfort just tossing the trash out their car window. Someone else will take care of that, right? What’s one bottle? One can? No big deal, right?

But I saw, riding my bike, that it was hundreds, god knows how many fucking cans. And poor ducks and animals having to live among it all… how many of them die because they’re suffocated by our plastic trash? Carelessly thrown out the window of a moving Honda Civic.

Human beings are pieces of shit.


And then I felt a wave of relief in knowing that when it all gets very bad, well, there are always cliffs and buildings. I can always just throw myself off one and avoid the chaos that all this will most definitely result in.


I wonder — do other people have these thoughts? Do they see things so dismally? Probably they don’t think about it at all. God I wish I didn’t have to. I wish I could wear rose-colored lenses and look at the world that way. All I see is the deeply dark and completely fucked nature of the path we are collectively headed down. And like those terrified idiot passengers in the movie Speed, I’m trapped against my will on a bus strapped with dynamite and I have goddamned Sandra Bullock driving and Keanu Reeves is my only hope? For real?

I mean, Keanu is supposed to be a pretty decent dude but I’m not sure we should rest the fate of mankind in his hands.  I don’t know whose hands it should be rested in, all I know is that if we don’t sort things out very soon I’m going to have to find a very tall cliff someday.


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