Yeah Real and Stuff

Pull pull push push

and carry on like you did before

Every dumb fuck lined up in front  of you

for the taking

like a challenge that just wasn’t

And when you want to walk away

like glue into the ground

like glue into the ground

you can’t move

But he ain’t fucking special

and you’re not anything great

when it all comes down to what it comes down to

you don’t need some money hungry monster

tearing you apart

no matter what he’s got going on

he’s tearing you apart, you fool

you’re an idiot for believing

it’d be any other way

you don’t even want the same things

 so cut loss and run away

listen carefully to the songs you do

when all your love is crumbled at your feet

cut loss and run away

You haven’t got a thing in common

except the will to drown while breathing

and the bricks in layers you both lay

to block out anybody

to shut out anybody

you’re both too smart

but you’re a fool to think

this is the guy

this is the life

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