*some fucking quote about how writing is my medicine* ... jokes aside, journaling is how i get out of my head, enjoy.
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the b&w series

September 8, 2020
ladies. can you relate? listen to me. his snapchats buzz my phone, as i lay in bed drowning my sadness away with any social media platform that will steal my attention long enough for me to forget I'm quarantined. yes, exposed i was, of covid19. of course I feel fine, no symptoms except for a&hel...
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  • the first heartbroken entry
    September 8, 2020
    entry 1 People are telling me to write my feelings, but every thought leads me to a pit in my stomach. There's too much to stay. How will I express everything on my mind.. let alone express the extremely deep, hard, dark, oh so complicated feelings. So. I'll start by writing whatever is on my&hel...
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