I'm Jack and I'm a pretty laid-back person. Reading is one of my passions; any topic can pique my interest, especially Crime Thrillers. When I'm not reading, you could easily find me walking around with a camera in my hands.

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Shopping and Souvenirs

March 13, 2019
Travel is about broadening the mind. We know this. But it can also be about delight, sampling various wares and wines, and buying gifts to bring back home, also. Shopping and sourcing souvenirs has been an important part of travel ever since travel became a popular pastime. A little shopping (Pho...
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  • Retail Therapy
    March 13, 2019
    We’ve all been known to do a little window shopping. Gazing at outfits on display, wondering how much the items must cost, where they could actually be worn, or simply convincing yourself that you don’t need it! Common amongst many of us… (Photo by: Gyorgy Bakos) But sometimes we just need to spl...
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