I'm an Emergency Dept nurse that works the nightshift.
Before working in the ED, I spent a few years working Med Surg, which is a fancy term for the nurse that takes care of you, when you're admitted into the hospital.
So feel free to browse around, I'm sure I'll have some good stories to share with you on the stuff I see at night. (With various things changed around, so no one's identity is revealed)

I've been married for almost 2 decades, to a husband that's retired. And when he retired in 2011, he RETIRED... OMG, I wish this man would get a freaking hobby... I love him, but when he's home 24/7, and doesn't do a whole lot besides complain about how boring his life is, I just want to scream.... So, any other ladies with retired husband that are lingering around the house, gathering dust, I feel your pain.

I have 2 young adult son's. You know what "they" say, when kids are little, they have little problems; when they get big, their problems become big. *sigh* So freaking true.

Anyways, like everyone else, I'm just riding the ups and downs on the roller coaster of life. I'm pretty friendly and outgoing, so if you'd like to keep in touch- feel free to shoot me a friend request.

And yes, that's Nurse Jackie on my profile picture.. AS IF, I'd put my real picture on there-ha,ha,ha!

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A peek behind the veil…

March 18, 2018
So, let me pull back the curtain and share something... Every hospital in this country has their "super users", "frequent flyers" etc...  For the most part, I don't mind them.  But, there's 1 in particular that I absolutely despise.  Sure, I give him the customer service, friendly smile, gentle v...
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  • Introduction
    March 18, 2018
    *Peeking around*  Wow, I can't believe O.D's back.  It feels sort of..... Different... I'm different too though... I'm in a new place and a new space since my old diary was written, at least a decade ago.... I wish I knew where all my friends from that time period have gone.   I made some…
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