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July 14, 2018
Has everything reached its expiry date? Has everything died on me? How do you see the rainbow if its hailing? Does it all reach this state? Am I bitter or is this how it is? What if life was meant to be done solitarily? What if the truth is nobody can care for you the…
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  • Queen
    July 13, 2018
    Music is my therapy. QUEEN is God. I absolutely love them. I’ve always loved the energy their sounds carries. Yesterday I watched on youtube the reactions of kids listening to Queen. It was really enlightening to watch! I was pleasantly surprised to see kids enjoying their music! You know why, ri...
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  • Alone
    July 13, 2018
    Wish there was sincerity at such difficulty moments. Anybody, just anybody.
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  • Safe Space
    July 11, 2018
    It takes an illness to appreciate life. It takes a loss to miss a life. It takes mistakes to know the right.   It's okay. Everyone learns.  But now... Be present. That's all it takes to enjoy this beautiful moment.    Life is absolutely gorgeous.
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