I was here a long time ago, but you knew me by another name. Now I have a new skin.

Does that sound creepy? Probably because I'm nose-deep in ancient magical texts most of the time. You lose all sense of what's actually going on when your daily world is 2000 years old.

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[ 9. So I signed up to run a marathon ]

October 7, 2020
I've never done this before. About a month ago, I ran a virtual half-marathon and finally achieved my goal of getting the time under two hours. I even won the women's race, which surprised me. I'm usually middle-of-the-pack, and there's usually plenty of women in my age grade who're much faster t...
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  • [ 1. The cat wars ]
    September 30, 2020
    T: Did you hear a meow just then? Me: Yeah. Was it downstairs? T: Yeah. I think it was Steve. (Goes downstairs) T: Yeah, it's Steve. Indi: HISSSSSS. Me: Was that Indi? T: Yeah. Me: At Steve? T: Yep. He was meowing because we moved her food. Steve has been breaking into our house on…
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