I am looking for a place where I can talk about my problems and issues, my pains and sufferings. A place where I can express my feelings without being judged and where I can let my life free of negative emotions and energies by putting those things out of my mind. I hope I can find it here and also some comfort and understanding by the possible readers of my confetions.

I am married, father of a baby daughter, unemployed social scientist and aspiring online content creator.
Libertarian, atheist and trying to be a good man.

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Outburst about my mother in law

December 19, 2021
I love my wife's mother, she is almost a second mom for me by now, but one of the things I really hate in my life is when someone hurts other people for no reason just because she feels superior and my mother in law is doing it all the time. Just this afternoon I…
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