Book Cover and Story Synopsis And Chap Excerpt for Sheila’s Story Non Fiction

Here is the book cover I had added for Sheila’s Story, a nonfiction story I had written 3 years ago. The story’s synopsis will be included along with the book cover.

Sheila’s  story is the also the sequel to The Friendship

Story Synopsis:

Sheila Maurer was a well-known loved Counsellor at Gladstone Secondary School in Vancouver, a special unique woman who made my school life more bearable in having to face the realities of high school life, and even family issues at home. This story will describe the special rare close relationship Sheila and I had that will never be forgotten.

The story can be found at Booksie. Com under Petrom66

Chapter 1 Excerpt

In September 1980, I started grade 8 at Gladstone Secondary, School, in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. During the early months of grade 8, I met my(now) former Guidance Counsellor Sheila Maurer, a well-known and popular, very much-loved Guidance counselor at Gladstone Secondary. I first recall meeting Sheila after introducing myself as the younger sibling of one of my two older sisters Danielle who was not only an immensely popular student when she had attended Gladstone but who also just graduated from grade 12 just a few short months before I had started grade 8. Sheila was a short-medium built woman who had black short curly hair and was always smiling as much as possible while being extremely busy throughout the school day. Anyhow. Once after Sheila had found out whom I was related to sibling wise she liked me automatically. I am not saying Sheila did not like me before she knew who I was related to, but I think her knowing the above had helped her remember who I was as a person and student. Soon afterward, Sheila and I got along fantastically, and I have quickly grown to love her as if she were my second mom her nickname was “MOM” by various staff and students. Why? Because Sheila was very motherly in personality, she always looked out for everyone including all students and staff within the school, she was always ready to help anyone whenever she had the time to spare. On a couple of occasions, I had accidentally called Sheila’s mom when having acknowledged her she seemed unfazed by it. Most of all Sheila was an extremely warm, caring, and gentle person who would never raise her voice at anyone, Sheila was just an extremely gentle sweet soul that is extremely rare to find in a person, especially a person who was deemed as an authority figure. In other words, Sheila was a lot like the character “Mrs. Garrett ” from TV’s 80’s sitcom “Fact’s of Life”, played by the now-late actor Charlotte Rae. After I got myself adjusted to being a first-year high school student, I dealt with some social issues regarding my having been bullied by several students. I was a good target of being a bullied victim due to my having been noticeably different than most of my peers, especially whereas I also was known to have some learning disabilities. I was also socially and physically awkward. If you are wondering what I meant by my being socially and physically awkward, I was extremely quiet, shy. And I was known to only be seen being kept to myself or hanging out with a just as equally awkward, tomboyish-looking girl whom I was friends with since grade 7. Physically I was tall, very skinny, wore extensively thick coke bottled type of glasses, and had worn braces on my teeth. In other words, I had the complete look of a typical, goody two shoes “NERD!” So, my grade 8 year had started with my being bullied to the point where Sheila, a student peer counselor, and another Guidance counselor had to intervene to put a stop to it especially putting an end to the sexual derogatory slang names I was being called by some of the other students. So as the bullying had continued throughout the whole school year I was always in or around Sheila’s office every day, where I had helped her organize her office in between classes, after school, and during my lunch hours. Sheila was always happy to see me no matter what kind of day she was having. I can recall two major events, or shall I say moments that took place during the first term of my grade 8 years which involved Sheila. The first memorable moment or shall I say the event had taken place during my school’s Grade 8 Mixer after-school mini dance social which was held every year for Gladstone’s new grade 8s (freshman). Anyhow what I remember most about the grade 8 mixer that year was randomly noticing Sheila dancing along to the song. “Echo Beach, ” by the eighties band. “Martha And the Muffins. “. Anyhow, just seeing Sheila dance with another student somehow struck me funny because it was weird for me to see an immensely popular much-loved school authority figure like Sheila to be dancing with anyone. Sheila was there at the grade 8 mixer to function as one of the chaperones. The second memorable moment involving Sheila during my grade 8 year, was my having invited her to breakfast at my Home Economics class. The kids as well as myself in my Home Economics class were required to cook a Pancake breakfast as part of our cooking assignment. And so, each student in the class also was permitted to invite any staff member in the school. So, of course, my cooking partner and I had invited Sheila as our guest. On the day of the Pancake breakfast, my cooking partner Brenda Britt and I were busily scrambling trying to have everything cooked by the time Sheila had arrived at our table. Upon Sheila’s arrival, she had decided to help my cooking partner and me to speed up the cooking process. Our in-class grade depended on how well our cooking assignment was presented. After Sheila, myself, and my cooking partner, Brenda had sat down to eat it was noted that our pancakes were half cooked. Sheila was a surprisingly good sport where she managed to have eaten something from her plate without saying a word for the risk of not hurting my feelings. Although Sheila viewed our cooking fiasco quite humorously, where I later learned she had chuckled at the thought of how she had ended up having to eat half-cooked pancakes which were a first for her. To my surprise, Sheila did not end up getting sick after having eaten some of the infamous Pancake breakfast I had cooked. By the end of my grade 8 year the bullying had finally ended although I later had learned from my mother that Sheila had confronted one of the students, bullies, by her having had yanked one of the bully’s hair indicating towards the bullies that if the bullying towards me didn’t stop that the student’s who was bullying me as well as their friends who were also involved were all going to be dealt with Sheila. I never mentioned to Sheila what my mother has told me above because I do not feel that Sheila would have done such a thing, especially yanking a strand of anyone’s hair. I was advised by my mother to keep my mouth shut about what she has mentioned to me regarding Sheila’s confrontation with the bullies as indicated above. On my last day of grade 8 I recall Sheila had signed my yearbook, it stated. ” Marina, many thanks for all your help in the office it is a pleasure to see your happy self every day. “S. Maurer.

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