I am back

Hi again all

First, I have signed up for a yearly sub here on OD for the purpose of posting periodic announcements about my stories on here and I may post some screenshot samples of my published stories , as well as book covers which can be enlarged. I will also add story synopsis and chapter excerpts from my stories when writing in the OD writing group/community. All my stories can be found in Wattpad. com under my pen name of SerbianAuthor

I just published chapter 61 of my fictional story The Meeting.  I been writing The Meeting for two years now and am trying to bring the story to its complete end for I am tired of drafting the story and want to concentrate more with my 2 other fiction stories titled, The Visit and the Childhood Story of Marina and Christopher. The Childhood Story of Marina and Christopher is the intro story to the fictional story, The Meeting. Again all of the above stories can be found on Wattpad under my pen name of Petrom66. Also, while having an account on wattpad.com one can save other writer’s stories into one’s own personal reading list and people can vote, and comment on the chapters you had written. I have made some new friends there. However, there are some people who join Wattpad just for the sake of reading other people’s stories because of the fact one seems to enjoy reading more than writing which is perfectly OK.

I am also on Twitter as tetamarina which there is also a writing community there. Secondly, I have created a new Instagram account Petrom1966 which is an account that has screenshots of my story chapters and or book covers related to some of my stories. However, I think someone had hacked into my Instagram account because I am not able to log into it.

Due to my being a writer I will be on a podcast where I will be interviewed on June 22,2022 at 7pm Pacific standard time. The podcast will be about 30 min or less and will also air on Spotify or I Tunes.  When I manage to get the link to the podcast, I will try to post it on here.

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