18 year old virgin

I just want to start this off saying the only reason i started doing this is because i saw a movie. She was a troubled girl and she started blogging, Sharing all the things she could never to the people in her life. I have trouble telling people how i feel. I think of all this stuff and its just frozen in my mind. I feel like there is a lot of people i relate too or relate to me that just haven’t met yet. So lets do a little get to know me. i don’t want to say my birthday because i don’t want anyone to ever find out this is me, but.. i can tell you that i am a Virgo which is a struggle lol. I’ve never been the type to be a writer, I’ve never even liked reading which i wish i did because i know reading is good for you and your mind and i kinda feel like my is turning into mush. I feel like i use to be smarter,wiser, i don’t know what happened… that’s a lie, i know exactly what happened i’m just afraid to admit it because its the source of my happiness, Sadness, boredom,Fear,Excitement, nostalgia. Its my everything and it makes me sad but i cant let it go because its just how the world is now. Who am i without it? Where would i be? Would people even know im alive? Would i ever get a boyfriend? Would i make new friends? of course i could do all of that without a phone but i wont. Enough of all of that,this is a mini get to know me so let me try to explain my self in 10 words or less.

1. Neurotic

2. Matter-of-fact

3. Introvert

4. Goofy

5. Meticulous

6. Nurturing

7. Anal

8. Humble

9. Irritable


There’s so much i want to talk about but lets save that for a another day and another time. i hope you guys like this lol byeeeeeee.

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October 18, 2022

Being a virgin is a good thing. Keep it for a long time.