hey guys i haven’t been on here in a couple of weeks, i swear i never stay consistent on anything i do, anyways, i got a new job that pays the money i want too. i got my GED i have nothing weighing on my shoulders anymore for the first time in YEARS. But i still feel like something is missing, i keep thinking “if i had a boyfriend everything would be perfect” but something tells me that’s not true. Ive been re-watching the walking dead because there is nothing else to watch lol. life is just boring, im scared it’s not going to get anymore exiting. Why as soon as i’m grown and a adult the world wants to turn to shit. My Generation got FUCKED. prices are sky rocked high its ridiculous. I think the moral to the story is i’m fucking BORED. All of our life we’ve been deceived¬† and lied to. Making us worship these celebrities and they’re puppets. The males celebrities are really females and the females are really males and its fucks with our heads without us even knowing. people don’t want to believe it but that’s their mind and soul. just know these celebrities¬† aren’t what or who they say they are. Ill give you an example. I grew up watching zendaya grown up. i’ve loved her since i was around 6 years old. now i cant stand her because she made us think she was so beautiful which she is but she is really a he. if you really look at her she looks like a man because she is. same goes for all these celebrities. we are in a spiritual war and we just need to get closer with God

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