A world torn apart

I started this diary because I thought it may be theraputic. Recently, my whole world has been thrown into a full on roller coaster ride. My daughter institutionalized as well as her lying on me and my husband. I’m trying to look at all the positives like the fact that she admits to lying. She apologized but it was a serious lie. She is home but now has to go to therapy. I suffer from OCD and the stress level has gone through the roof. So I went to doctor for medication. Then on my way home from doctor I went to change lanes and didnt see the car coming up behind me so hit another car. I got a citation and was found at fault. I have never had a ticket in my life. So its been by far just a bumpy ride. As well as a friend i have had for 17 years I found out told my daughter to lie. I believe in God. Ive always been a good mother. But I feel like  its always something when does it end? This friend also called cps on me. Why do people do things that arent right and continue to get away with stuff? I know eventually they reap what they sow. But is it too much to ask for me and my happy family be left alone?

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June 20, 2021

Lies kill all sorts of relationships. You must be feeling very betrayed and then the car and the friend. Must be asking yourself why you even bother but, if you’ve always been a good mother, there’s your answer. Hopefully, today is another day and as such, a better one for you.