New Baby and forgetting to take care of me!!!!!

Well my sister had her baby!!!! So yay on that one. I was there for the entire situation. She went into the hospital on the 6th of May and when she told me the doctors were sending her, I ran up my stairs to get dressed and go. Now I am not skinny by any means. But I ran my fluffy butt up the stairs stripping on the way up so i could dress as i was needed at the hospital. So from the 6th of  May till the 9th of May. I know it don’t seem like a long time. But I have severe health issues as well. And i put myself on the back burner. I can’t do that but i did and i learned my lesson.

So now we have a new baby in the house and i am finally taking care of me again. I know i never should have stopped but  i did. I needed to make sure everyone was taking care of but i forgot the most important person. Me!!! And i know i can not do that again. So i am still trying to care for everyone and the new baby but i am also taking care of me now.

My niece/goddaughter is very beautiful.She is also not a very fussy child. My husband and i love having her in our home. But we love that we get to help raise her as well.

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