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If someone knows you are on this site…say like a boyfriend…and he goes on this site to specifically invade your privacy and read your journal…is it my fault for being on this site or his fault for going on this site to specifically read my diary?

please let me know your thoughts.

my boyfriend has been avoiding me because he went behind my back and read all of my thoughts.

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1 week ago

This happened to me several years ago, on a different site. I thought my gf would never see any of the things I wrote, and she somehow found it. Many of my posts were talking about how much I loved and admired her, but she got fixated on me discussing relationships I had years (sometimes decades) before I met her. Although we were able to continue our relationship for another 18 months, it never really went away, and she referred to it over and over again when she was upset about unrelated things.

1 week ago

@ravdiablo I don’t care if he reads my thoughts anymore. I just made it to where you have to be a “friend” to read my entries. If I don’t mention him then I’ll make it public. I’m not about to censor my mental health for his nosiness… thank you for your answer. I’m sorry your girlfriend went down the rabbit hole and couldn’t let go of some things said…I think she shouldn’t have cooled your privacy…even if you only said nice things about her. It shows lack of respect…but my friend said that if we make our journal public then that’s on us for putting it out there.