If I do hide somehow your aura
always seems to find me…
whether in a cocoon or within myself
you gently pull me in closer just so I can feel
the safety within your language…
you captivate me with your sensitivity
your aroma, your fragrance
within these verbal dates we share
will you kiss my lips
until I feel like I’m breathing your oxygen?
I yearn to climb heights within this curiosity
we share for one another
I’m often like a tornado
but your authenticity weathers my storms
Is it fair to say that you calm my winds?
Perhaps, you make sweet love to my mental walls
penetrating my vocabulary
enticing my physical…
tongue kissing my intellect
while I place oral touches on your lower metaphors
I want to drown inside your love
like I’m snorkeling in an ocean…
set my vulnerability ablaze for you
I crave you
~ B. Shu
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