Friday 6/17/22

1:01pm I had another h bad night thanks to arthritis pain and weird dreams. Arthritis was really bad. Pain level on a scale of one two five was a five. To make matters worse aides didn’t put me to bed until midnight. I was dead tired. But couldn’t sleep because of the pain. So I laid in agony most of the night.

I must of slept because I had weird dreams. In this one dream I was a sex slave to an older woman. I had to massage her shoulders.  I was talking to her but can’t remember what I was saying. I do not know who this woman was because she had her I back to  e. All I remember was giving her a massage.

I didn’t get up until after breakfast. I couldn’t drink my coffee because I spilled it all over me. I had toast, scrambled eggs and oatmeal. I ate what I could. I still had arthritis I paid in agony all morning.  I had Asshole for an aide. He got me up around 10:30. I slept in my chair and lunch.

This has been a shit hole day so far

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2 weeks ago

I hope that your day gets better as you go along.