Friday 7/29/22

4:38am. I’m above the dirt! I actually got some sleep last night. Best part of the deal is I have no weird dreams to report. Arthritis pain was minimal. I’d rather it a tho on the pain scale. I’m sitting on my wheelchair feeling awake. My shoulders ache and I could use a good massage. But that is the only pain I’m experiencing. I think I’m going to have a very good day for a change.

Aides put me to bed at a decent hour last night. I think they came in around ten. I said tried to read the paper but was too sleepy Now that Row is gone Republicans in various states are pushing to enact very strict abortion laws. The paper had an article about such an effort in the Indiana state legislature. This effort aroused a big protest movement in the state. I was trying to read this article but was too tired to concentrate.

Instead I browsed Amazon for books. I found a couple interesting books on the history of the Constitution and constitutional developmen. I put it on my wish list for later. Then there was a couple more history books I’d like to get. I love to do this. It is the next best thing to going to a real bookstore or library. I did this for a little bit then turned off the tablet for the night.i was soon rolling logs.

I’m having a good morning. I sure could use a cup of Chocolatechip’ coffee. I will never forget going to her apartment first thing in the morning for coffee. We had such a good time joking around and carrying on like a couple of kids. She was always Ms Sunshine in the morning. I was always a grouch until I had my caffeine fix. Oh how I miss those days. Oh how I wish I had a cup of coffee now.! But that won’t be for two more hours.

I guess not being able to fix my own coffee when I wake up is what I miss most. I miss a lot of things such as spending time with Chocolatechip. But fixing my own coffee in the morning is what I miss most. I got to the point where I couldn’t do anything without that to rst cup of coffee. Now I will have to wait at least three more hours for my caffeine fix. Then it is cold half the time! This is a major bummer about life in a nursing home.

8:06am I had a two slices of toast, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, two coffees and a glass of orange for breakfast. It was good and I’ ate it all. I’m not doing very well though. I had a few major inconvenience episodes ibefore re breakfast. I rang the call light and the aide who took care of me this morning said she couldn’t help. I asked  at least two or three people and they said to get an aid. So I ate my breakfast while sitting in urine and getting angrier by the second. What a way to start a day!

I hope I get help

soon. I e been getting great care these last few days. I hope this will be the case today. But today is and people are no doubt burned by now Perhaps they could use a 🍵 couple days igh9i don’t know? I really don’t understand what the problematic means to is. All I know is  I’m not getting the help I need

I talked with Chocolatechip after breakfast. She said there was dome fighting down by the Gazebo. Then the fire alarm woke her up. Chocolatechip did not have a very good night. She was also talking about the time she fell out of bed the other night. Chocolatechip said she felt pain. You can have a broken rib and not know it she said. I said maybe you should go to the hospital. She did t like the ice.

We talked about books and B,&N. Chocolatechip said she is very happy with the ones that were sent. She said they looked like new books I said I never had a problem with with them when I ordered books. But I would not recommend their feeders. She said I ought to know. She also said her next read will be Ordinary People. After that there it the psychologist book.

I said I found an interesting pysch book last night. It is about CBT- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy I said it teaches you to reduce stress?? anxiety and depression I  would like to read that sometime. Chocolatechip asked if I had learned that from Healthways. I did yes when I was in the CRU. I still said it ought to be very interesting. I’ll probably buy it in September.

We said our goodbyes this morning. Chocolatechip  wasn’t fee!ing very well. She said all she needed was a good shower. I hope she will be ok.

1:00pm I slept almost all morning. They woke me up when they served lunch. I had meatloaf with gravy, Lyonnaise potatoes, dinner roll, carrots and vanilla ice cream for desert. I was lucky enough to get black coffee and a fruit punch. Lunch was delicious and I ate it all. I hope lunch place perks me up enough so I can read the paper.

I hate the his schedule sleep all day and up all night. I can’t get any reading done. I wouldn love to be able to read the NYT. Then there are is my book Empire of Liberty: The Early and Years of the Republic 1789-1815 by Gordon S Wood.Thznks to sleep deprivation I have hardly been able to read anything. I miss not being able to read during the day.

I called Chocolatechip after lunch. She was very upset over a couple issues. First the exterminator from Rose Pest Control never showed. She had been up since 4:30 waiting for him. This has been the second Friday in a row here she waited all day for nothing. Second, she ok just got off the with an agency that is supposed to help disablility get the help they need.  Chocolatechip wanted to report Healthways. I said I think that would be more trouble than anything. I said I would think you should be just go to Northwood. Chocolatechip had an interview set up. She is going to cancel.

I’m going to try and read the paper but the news is too depression. The Times had an article in there about the economy. Inflation is the highest it’s been since evthe early 80s Nearly everyone is predicting a recession. If this happens the Dems are doomed in 2022 and Trump will get back in in the ’24 election I. am no expert but this is my gut feeling

8:05pm I slept most of the day away. Nurse woke me up at 4 in the afternoon for meds. I called Chocolatechip. She was still  upset about the exterminator not showing and the Healthways situation. Then the she apologized for dumping her problems on me. I said I don’t mind at all. We talked more about why she can’t get help from Healthways and other agencies. Then she said her one daughter Theresa blocked her on FB. She was upset and had a very bad day. We talked until they served supper.

I had a good supper. I had two fish fillets sandwiches, French Fries, corn chowder and za cherry cake. Supper was good I ate it all. Then I called Chocolatechip again. We talked about the nursing home fooShe said Norman and Tim didn’t like it. I saaid it’s not as good as yours but I like it. We talked until 6:30, her bedtime.

I read the New York Times for an hour. I read five very good news stories. Then I got tired. I wheeled myself up to the nurse’s station and got a snack. Then it was back to my room. I’ve been in my wheelchair for sixteen hours. I’m not ready for bed yet. I want to read more of the paper.


























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2 weeks ago

Hey Bear, that’s good that you are well, and that there are no weird dreams, I, myself, am having weird af dreams. I can’t remember them and maybe that’s a good thing.