Friday 8/5/22

5:20am I had another weird dream about my family. It was  during the Christmas season where I got in a shouting match with my dad.He called me a bunch of names. I was pretty upset. I ended up lying on the couch crying. My niece Karen was sitting by m. She was trying to comfort me. I ended up talking her to Steubenville for coffee. Everything was closed though. Then we thought about going to a movie but the theaters were closed. In this one movie theater we saw a picture of a naked woman.Then we are walking through Hollywood Plaza looking to buy something but the stores were closed.

Other than that I had a good night. Pain was minimal. I got good care. Aide got me up at five. I was put in bed by 10:30 So I got a long sleep. Ow I’m awake and above the dirt.

I had a run in with MB yesterday during supper time. I was sitting by  y stand finishing my meal. She comes up from behind and touches my penis. I said softly Oh boy. She yells at me for saying  that. I am thinking I get yelled at over nothing She yelled at me Don’t say it. I distinctly heard you! Later on somebody suggested she thought I might or been inappropriate. Hell, I thought. If anything. She was inappropriate for touching my penis.i mean why didn’t she just ask if I needed changed?

Also. I was upset over the rent situation. I called on the 3rx to pay it. The lady took my credit card number. She said she was having problems with the computer. She will be down later to get my card. She never came down I called again to pay the rent. Today she said it went through. Later on tonight I called the Credit card company. The rent money was still on my card.  This got me upset.

I ended up doing a dumb thing I bought yet another book. Now I’m short on the rent money. Even though the nursing home says it is paid credit card co says it isn’t. I’m not going to say anything else to the nursing home. I mean they think it is paid. Who am I to argue? Still, I shouldn’t have bought that book. Now I will be in trouble when they figure out the rent is not paid.

Buying that book made me feel a bit better after the run in with MB.i was able to concentrate. I read a whole chapter in my book Empire of Liberty by Gordon S Wood. I finished by ten and then the aide put me to bed by 10:30

11:27am I’m having a good day. It started out with a good breakfast. I had double portions of pancakes, scrambled eggs, oatmeal. two coffees and orange juice. I must of been hungry and  ate it in all. I started to go read Empire of Liberty after breakfast I was reading a chapter on Republican Diplomacy.i read most of chapter seventeen then got sleepy.insteadvof falling asleep I called Chocolatechip.

We had a nice conversation. I told her about my frustrations with the nursing home. She said MB should not have all roached me from behind. I said I’m going to talk with the social worker. Morning at ice said she will leave a note. SW was supposed  to be in by nine. So far I haven’ seen her. Chocolatechip talked about getting a PKG from AmeriMart today. Also, she expects ba visit from the exterminator and a call from her case manager at Healthways. So far both are no shows. She also talked about finances. It looks like she will have enough money for a September bus pass after all. It will be tight but doable.

I am in a good mood today. I haven’t seen MB. Also. I bought a couple of books.  Books I bought are The Constitution Today and 1776. They are by Akhil Rheed Amar and David MacCullough. Buying books online makes me feel good for some reason. I know I’m going to regret it because this is coming out of rent money. But I tried paying the rent this month. I’m not calling them again and I refuse to worry about it.

I just got my lunch. It was pretty good. I had double portions of breaded fish, hash browns, broccoli and a blueberry bar before desert. I had two cups of coffee ffee and a fruit punch for drinks. Coffee gave me a second lease on life. I’m ready to kick some butts so look out MB.

I talked with Chocolatechip after I ate. She was upset. First the exterminator didn’t come.This m arks the third Friday in a row where he didn’t show. Chocolatechip said she got up at 4:00am to get everything ready.  He usually comes late in the morning on a Friday. But he was a no show the past three weeks. She said she is tired of waiting around for him.

Then she gets a letter in the mail from the public library. This letter says she checked out a book , Coal Miner’s Daughter way back in September of 2020 and never  returned it. Chocolatechip visited the library the other day. She had a copy of Coal Miner’s Daughter that she bought from B&N last month. Chocolatechip said I didn’t see her take it out of her purse. We both kind of think that is too much of a coincidence.

9:00pm I did two things today I’m sure I will regret. First, I bought books. I’m attempting to download an  audible narrative of John Adams by David McCullough. This is the third book I bought today. I will regret this because there is some kind of foul up with the rent to the nursing home. Nursing home will want their money when they discover the error. The problem is there will not be enough money to cover the e rent. I’m screwed but I just can’t resist a good ebook and McCullough is one of my favorite authors. I know I’m addicted ted and like all addictions book buying can lead to serious financial problems

Second I’ve been making room on my tablet. I deleted files and uninstalled apps I no longer use. One app I uninstalled was the B&N Nook app. I had all the books on that app that I cannot access. Books are my friends and d I will regret losing my friends. Besides I spent a small fortune keeping B&N in business. It urned out to be a wastecof money in the end.

Other than that I had a good day. I did a lot of reading in my book Empire of Liberty. by Gordon S Wood. I’m on the next to the last chapter on the War of 1812 I plan on finishing this book Saturday or sometime this weekend. Next up is What Hath God Wrought by David Walker Howe. This is the third book in the Oxford History of the United States series. It covers U.S history from 1815-1848. This is going to be another good read.

I had a great aide this afternoon. She came in to check on me three or four times. My briefs were changed on a regular basis and I did not get hollard at. MB wasn’t on duty today so I didn’t have to deal with her. Supper was good. I had Chicken Enchiladas, rice and some kind of Mexican dish. Only bad thing was I couldn’t drink the coffee because it was too cold. Best part of f the deal was I had very minimal Arthritis pain. On a scale of one to five it was a two.

I know I h ave been irresponsible in buying all those books this month. But I’m good and I got them. I will read every darned one of them if it is the last thing I do.. I might end up in a homeless shelter but I will have plenty of books to read.

10:45pm I have been in this darned wheelchair vsince 5:20am. That is over seven teen hrs. I am getting a bit tired and would like to go to bed. Aides will probably keep me up till after midnight. I’ve been killing time by browsing for books. Ij found some books by Robert Johnson. One is called Inner works. I had this on my old Nook app. It is about dream interpretation using something ycalled Active Imagination. I put this on my wish list

I love browsing for books. I find it very relaxing. I used to spend hrs in the libraries y looking for books. I’ll never forget driving to Pittsburgh and visit ting huge bookstores. They had a Barnes and Noble store in Robinson Township.nused to spend half the day in that place and always ended up with five or six books. No matter how broke I was I always seemed to have money for books.

Now I browse a virtual bookstore on Amazon. Amazon seems to have billions and billions of books. Problem is that with a credit card I can go crazy. Buying boo Being able to buy books k’s online is so easy. I’m going in debt up to my eyeballs from buying books online is very convenient. But the downside is that I can go broke without leaving home




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MB should be reported for that. *angrily chuffs out breath* Bear, be careful. You are to books like I’m to games lol…