Friday 9/15/23

7:34a.m. I didn’t finish Holly last night. I fell asleep around 8. I’m glad I didn’t stay op late . I had a good night. The aides was nice. I got attended to in a timely fashion. I slept through with no pain or weird dreams. They got me up at five. I was still tired and slept in my wheelchair until seven.

I’m above the dirt now. I had my coffee and orange juice  I’m just sitting in my wheelchair waiting for breakfast. I called Chocolatschip but no answer.. She’s probably doing laundry. .

10:52a.m. I had a delicious cheese omelette for breakfast. But my morning coffee didn’t phase me one bit. I fell asleep on my wheelchair and slept most of the morning. A very nice aide woke me up at ten.  She changed me so  I will not be sitting in urine all day. Then she took me to the Coffee Social. 

I already had a donut and I’m on my first cup of coffee. This time the caffeine is working its magic spell. I’m slowly awakening from my sloth. I hope I will be awake enough to start reading my book Holly. I left off where she discovered the van Rodney and Emily use to abduct people. I think Holly is about to be captured and put in a cage. 

I’m proud of myself. This will mark 37 straight days of reading. I think this is my third longest reading streak.  Happy reading! 

3:06p.m. I am in bed and changed, at last. I was getting pissed because I needed assistance all afternoon. The girl who answered my call light the first time said she would be right back. I never saw her again. It took them over two hours to assist me. But the important flying is I am in bed and dry.

I think I’ve been changed three times today. The first was at five when the aides got me out of bed. The second was at ten. This was before they took me to the coffee social. The third was just a little bit ago. This makes it a record because I usually only get changed twice during the day and maybe once at night. 

Anyways I’m high and had a good time at the coffee social. I had two cups of coffee a glazed donut and a glass of chocolate milk.i had fish, potatoes and broccoli for lunch. I wasn’t too hungry so I only ate the fish. Besides, I didn’t want to get bloated.

I did some reading while at the social. Holly was captured by the Harris’s. The crazy old couple fear this is the end. They plan to commit suicide before being captured. But Emily thinks there might be a way out provided Holly is acting alone. I read until they served lunch. I made my way back to my room afterni ate.

I got back just in time. I had an incontinence episode. This was around 12:30pm. Like I said I sat I my own urine for two hours before getting help. I continued to read my book. I’m coming close to the end. I have fifty more pages to go and I’m finished. I can finish it tonight.

I’m excited to get started on the next book. This one is another Stephen King novel co authored by Peter Straub. It is called The Talisman. I don’t know much about this one. I know it’s part of a series ending with Black House and one of King’s earlier works.  I have not read these two . I might as well read them next. 

I’m going back to Holly now. I can’t wait to find out how this ends.

6:52p.m. I finished reading Holly. It was a gruesome story but I couldn’t stop reading until finished. I took a break and ate supper. I had something called Bruschetta chicken and a cup of peaches. I also talked briefly with Chococolatechip. Then I went back to my book and read the last three Chapters I’ve read sixteen books this year. I have four more to go to reach my goal of twenty books.

Like I said I’m reading The Talisman next. It is about a twelve year old boy who goes on an epic journey to save his mother’s life. He must cross the country and go into another realm to get this Talisman. Again it is written by Stephen King and Peter Straub. This should be another good novel. I’m going to start tonight. Happy reading ! 

8:34p.m. I’m getting mad again. I’ve been trying to get changed since supper. That was over two hours ago. I wonder if I will be changed at all tonight ,What really ma!ex me mad is being ignored. What if I had a real emergency? I e been peeing like crazy since supper. What if I end up lying in urine until morning? 

Anyways I have been reading  I read the first two chapters of The Talisman. It’s starts out with a boy named Jack Sawyer. His mother, Lily Cavenhaugh Sawyer is a former Hollywood actress. She is running from something or someone They flee from LA to a small town on the New England seacoast. They are staying in a creepy Inn called The Alhambra Inn. Jack thinks the whole place is something out of The Twilight Zone.

I am having a hard time getting into this book. It isk good and kind of creepy. But I’m still thinking about the characters and plot of the last book, Holly. That was a creepy and gruesome story. It will take me a couple days to get over that one Perhaps I should of waited until tomorrow to start the new book. 

Well somebody just answered my call light. I didn’t tell her I needed changed. I asked forna pbj instead  I probably?y won’t get that either. Also just had my evening meds and daily dose of Mylanta. I told the nurse I needed changed. She said they are making their rounds. 

I should be going to sleep now. I was fed and just had my meds. Now it is time for bed. But I want to stay up and read. 






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