Friday 9/16/22

5:38am I had an unevtual night. I had a nice aide who put me to bed at 11:30. I had a little pain but it subsided. I was able to get another good night’s sleep. I have no nightmares or weird dreams to report. The same aide helped get me in my wheelchair bsy 5:15. 

I’m alive and above the dirt. I have the usual grogginess, aches and pains. I sure could use a caffeine fix. But I’m alive if not kicking.  That counts for everything. 

I called Chocolatechip. She was up at 4:30. She got up once but was able to go back to sleep. Nobody othered her she said. In fact that hasn’t been going on for some time. She said she is having a fairly good morning 

This is the start of a new day. Once I get some caffeine in me everything will be fine. Waiting for that first  cup is the problem.

 6:43am Ytppie! I had my first coffee! I pushed myself to the nurse’s station and waited for the cart. They were kind enough to let me have one. Jdrank my coffee and felt a hundred times better. There is something magical about that first cup of coffee in the. Morning. It makes everything right with the world.

7:38am I had pancakes, scrambled eggs and hot oatmeal cereal for breakfast. I also had one more coffee and a glass of . Breakfast and coffee did the trick. I’m amongst the living.

Chocolatechip called shortly before breakfast. We talked about different things. She mentioned how much is there jone doctor screwed up an appointment. She had it down for the 28fh. CBH said it was yesterday. Chocolatechip never misses an appointment.

From there we were talking about doctors in general. I said I don’t trust them after my experiences with Connie. Then I started talking about the time we were in NYC on Christmas. Her son was chasing us down the street while we were walking to a cab stand. We had a nice talk until breakfast.

I’m doing ok now. I’m just sitting in my wheel haire waiting for PT. I’m half hoping they won’t come today. But once I get started  I will do all right. I really like doing the exercises. It gets me out of my room plus I use tho se muscles. Like I say you use them or lose them. I don’t want to lose them. 

1:16pm I had had a good session at PT. It lasted about thirty minutes. I did the usual leg exercises. The his consisted of  three setsof fifteen kicking, marching, side to side and ankle movements. Then I did twenty push ups and stood for three minutes. Then I did arm exercises on the bike for fifteen minutes. Wasnti much of a workout but it wore me out.

I was kind of tired after PT. I fell asleep I woke up around lunch. I had fish, hash browns, broccoli and a dinner roll. For drinks I had two fruit punches and a cup of coffee. As an added treat I bought two tGranola bars for a dollar.

I haven’t been talking to Chocolatechip too much. She said she was going to do laundry. She is probably in the laundry room. I did get a message from her stating she was to do two loads today. That is probably why I didn’t get her on the phone.

I’m having a good day so far. I had a nice aide and a good breakfast. I ii did you well ool. I had a nice nap then a delicious lunch. I’m going try and read this afternoon I hope to finish that book Battle Cry of Freedom this weekend.

 6:22pm I never did get around to reading this afternoon. I got very sleepy after lunch and fell asleep in my wheelchair. I slept for a long time. Then they were taking x rays of my chest. Theymust of been doing this for over an hour. Then i to talked to Chocolatechip for a long time. We talked until supper time.

I had chicken, rice, a dinner roll and peaches for desert. Then I had the usual two cups of coffee and a fruit punch. I enjoyed my meal and ate it all.

One thing that bothers me is I miss reading the NYT. I used to read the paper during the day and my books at night. But now I’m so sleepy during the day I can’t concentrate. I sleep most of the day away. Sleeping almost all the time is not good especially when there is so much reading material. 

Other than that I’m in good spirits. Arthritis pain is at a minimum. I talked to Chocolatechip a lot today. I’m glad to report she is doing better. Chocolatechip is at the point where she wants to give Bingo a try tonight. I’m proud of her. The fact she is ok makes me feel good. Also had three good meals. Plus, I got good care today. I have no complaints.



























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1 week ago

I’ve been wanting to sleep a lot lately too.  I just got up and feel like I could go back to bed.  I hate feeling like this.