Monday 6/20/22

7:47am I had yet another bad pain level was a three. Needless to say it kept me up.  night thanks to you arthritis. On ar? rr scale of one to five it was a three or four. I must of gotten sme sleep because I had bad think in a one dream I dreamt about my ex Monster in Law?bShe was yelling.  and screaming about some stupid shit. I woke up screaming very loud ud. According to my aide.

I got good care last night. Aide put me to bed around ten. Whenever I rang the call light she came in to change me in a timely manner. I was hurting so bad I actually wanted. to get out of bed at five. Despite not sleeping I sar in my wheelchair until breakfast. I had French toast and oatmeal. I didn’t eat the oatmeal because of no sugar. I had two cups of hot coffee and oj.  I couldn’ of asked Ed for better treatment.

I called Chocolatechip this morning. She was going on about Tim and how he uses her to pad his wallet. Chocolatechip would d always let him use her computer We figured out that it takes $4 for a round trip to the library and back. This quickly adds up and he no doubt spends the money on drugs for his girlfriend. I hate to say this but I  always said Tim was a big time user. To make things worse he never treated Chocolatechip with respect with his diet sex talk.

We talked a lot about other things as well. She was going to bake cookies for the vets today but decided against it. It was too much work she said. Her energy level is not up to par. She said she just doesn’t feel like cleaning up the mess. I said good. It isn’t like they pay you to be the buildings baker. Besides you go to all that trouble and they do not appreciate your effort.

We also talked about how the Tylenol they give me is not working? I should speak up and ask for Ibprofen. I took that at home and it was a wonder drug. I said I asked for it in the past. They just do not give it out for some reason. For some reason the nursing home insists on passing out Tylenol despite the fact it doesn’t work.

We had a nice conversation this morning.  I told her about how bad my night was. I said I don’t think I had a good night’s sleep since I came here. I complained saying just once I’ike to have a pain free night.

Well, that was the extent of cour conversation I think. She had to get started on her housework. Breakfast came soon after. Then I downloaded the New York Times and looked at the headlines. I’m faced withyet another day.

9:05pm I didn’t read the paper. I just needed a break from the news. I wanted to finish my book Needful Things by Stephen King. I started reading after lunch. I took a lot of nap breaks but read a good deal. I read the book most of the day. I have about eighty pages to go. I think I can finish it tomorrow. I don’t want to talk about the story I will say this was a fantastic read and very scary.

I had a good day for the most part. I had very little pain. I was very tired but that is par from the course. I got good care today and the food was good. I had lasagna and green beans for lunch. I had two cups of hot coffee and a glass of fruit punch. Then I had caramel cake for desert. I had an egg salad sandwich and veggie soup for dinner. Again the two cups of coffee was hot and the fruit punch cold. Food was good. Care was good. I was truly blessed.

Chocolatechip had a good day. She baked oatmeal cookies. She calls this her veterans project. She likes to do something for the vets in the building. There are about ten of the. She gave each about a half dozen cookies. This was a lot of work but she takes great pleasure in doing kind things for others. So she had a good day as well.

I even had a special treat today. This was ice cream day. They were passing out root beer floats. I had one and it hit the spot Also spent the last of my birthday money Chocolatechip sent m. I bought $2 worth of candy. Once again I pigged out on sweets. Thank God I don’t get to do this everyday for I would gain back the weight I lost.

Well ten more days till my birthday. I will be 71. I can’t believe I’m this old. I never thought I would make it this far but here I am. I’m still above the dirt. I’m alive and should be thankful for that much. But sometimes the arthritis is so bad I wish I wasn’t .This is on a bad day. But today was pain free and good.

I got a bill from the nursing home today. My rent will be $481.00 This isn’t bad considering I don’t have to buy food or pay Comcast. Let’s see My SS check will be $850. Subtract $481 leaves $369. Subtract $120 leaves $249. I have this much to spend on books and newspapers.

I already have ten books lined up. These books are a series of history books called Oxford History of the United States. There are nine in all. They cover U.S. history from the Revolution to BushvGore. I read all of them before and they are the best books on American history I ever read. I’d like to get the Kindle edition and read them all again. I have them on my Nook app. I just do not want to have anything to do with B&N

Well, it is ten. I’ve been in this wheelchair since five. I’m not complaining though. I had a chance to go to bed earlier. I wanted to stay up and finish my entry. Besides I’m not sleepy. I’ve been tired and sleepy all day. I’m wide awake when it is time for bed. I have my days and nights mixed up.


















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2 weeks ago

I agree about the Tylenol.  When I am really hurting I need Ibuprofen or Aleve.  Sometimes I will take Tramadol, if I have them.

Your food always sounds so good.

When I worked at the nursing home they would have Purple Cow ice cream days.  That is vanilla ice cream with grape juice in it…it was so good!!  Makes me want to go get some ice cream…I have the grape juice.  But, I am trying to lose some weight so maybe I shouldn’t lol.

Those books sound very interesting…I love history.  I’m going to see if I can find them on my Kindle.