Monday 9/19/22

12:46pm I had a pain filled night and morning. I kept getting muscle spasms, one after another. Even after I got up and into my wheelchair I still kept getting them. Pain was unbearable. Finally they gave me some Tylenol and that seemed to help.

In the meantime I saw Scott from PT. He wanted to do a progress report. This constant instead of seeing how well I get in and out of bed. I was in no way shape or form up to it. I asked if we could do it another day. He said it has to be done today. I ended up not doing it. He said I will have to use the hoyer. I said that is fine by me.

Then they did x rays of my chest. They found something from the last x-ray. They wanted to do a follow up.i was a bit anxious of what they found. But the girl didn’t tell me. X ray itself we t well and then they left.

I slept on and off most of the morning. Then they woke me up for drinks. I had two cups of hot coffee and a glass of fruit punch. Lunch was delicious. I had fish, scalloped potatoes, and peas. I also had a dinner roll and a brownie.  ?

I hope I can get some reading accomplished I have three more chapters in my book Battle Cry of Freedom. I would like to finish it by tomorrow. I am anxious to start Stephen King’s new book. Fairy Tale Maybe I can stay up and read since the pain has gone down. Maybe i can reach my reading goal. 

6:10pm  I slept through most of the afternoon away. Arthritis pain resurfaced. I asked for another Tylenol but the said I just had a dose. So to escape from the pain I slept. I think I slept  for three hours straight which is more than I get at night.

I was awake for supper whiched sucked. I had ham and pinto beans without h spinach. The ham and pinto beans were not too bad. I can’t tolerate spinach so I left that alone.  I had a fruit cup forh desert. The coffee was ok. It was drinkable.

I’m wide awake now. Pain has subsided except my shoulders ache. Going to try and read one chapter of my book



















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