Saturday 5/20/23

6:23p.m. This was the first day in my new room. It did not go well at all. First, aides didn’t put me to bed until 1am. I didn’t sleep because of arthritis pain and urination. I couldn’t reach the call light and nobody came to change my briefs. Second, aides tried to get me up at 5. I was just getting comfortable. I refused to get up so thel let me stay in bed.

Third, arthritis pain started acting up. On a scale of one to five it was a five. Then I peed myself a couple times in the morning. I didn’t get help until eleven. The aides finially changed me and used the hoyer to get me in my wheelchair. That made things a tad better.

One bright spot wad I had a good lunch. I was served a plate of spaghetti and a salad. I had a cup of fruit for dessert. They gave me two coffees with cream and a glass of lemonade  Lunch was pretty good and I ate it all.

I slept in my wheelchair most of the afternoon. I was a pretty miserable old fart from lack of care and exhaustion. I felt like I worked a double in the mill I was so tired . I slept I think from one to four

Also, I had a hell of a time reaching Chocolatechip. Rather, she couldn’t reach me. My phone number changed along with my room. We didn’t know that until had me call on her cell. My new number showed up. I was saying why the hell couldn’t the nursing home tell me? This was very frustrating.

Chocolatechip didn’t have too much time to talk anyway because she was getting ready for inspection. She paid special attention to the living room. Chocolatechip said she went over the entire room. She swept and mopped the floor. She also decluttered and cleaned the baseboards. Then she dusted the furniture. Again she went over the kitchen. She has five more days.

We talked until she got hungry. They were about ready to serve drinks and supper. I had two fish sandwiches, corn and a cookie. Coffee was nice and hot I had two cups and a glass of chocolate milk.

So this was a very bad day. At least I’m above the dirt. Also the day will be over soon. I’m hoping they will put me to bed early. I just can’t afford to lose another night’s sleep


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1 week ago

Of course you didn’t want to get up at 5 if they had just put you to bed at 1.  Why did they wait so late to put you to bed?

Did you start reading your new book yet?  I read a lot last night but not all night like before.