Saturday 7/30/22

5: 53am I’m above the dirt.i had a fairly good night. I slept soundly with no weird dream. Arthritis pain was downs  to a two. Best part aides let me sleep in. I was sitting in my wheelchair by 5: 30. I only have a ninety pmi ute wait for breakfast and coffee. I feel fairly good this morning. I’m not having any pain except in my shoulders. That is par for the course. I hope this will be a good day.

11:22am I had scrambled eggs, a coffee cake , oatmeal, coffee and oj for breakfast. Breakfast was good and I ate it all. It did not perk me up though. I felt tired and sleepy all morning. Also, my shoulders ached so bad. Pain level was a five. Pain must of made me very sleepy because  slept most of the morning. I tried reading the NYT when awake it was too darned tired. In short my morning pretty much sucked.

Then I got yelled at by MB. She came in0in to lower my stand. I had told papers on the floor. She saidid I need to pick up those papers!I’m used to her ye!ling at pick up the damned papers myself but I ant reach them from my wheelchair This didn’t help my over all shitty mood.

I talked with Chocolatechip. She is having a good day. Today, she is not going to worry about anything. Chocolatechip said she is going to have a fun day. She said she might watch a movie Overboard with Goldie Hawn. I said that is a good movie. In the the afternoon she plans on reading.xhe wants to start on her next book, Ordinary People this afternoon. I said good. You deserve a day off. This is Saturday, no boot camp after all.

I can’t wait for lunch and coffee. Today they are serving sausage, pepper and onion, Italian broccoli, pan fried potatoes, a dinner roll and a strawberry stripe cake for desert.  Lunch sounds good. I hope it perks me up because I’d like to read the paper

Well July went by fast. It is the end of the month. Four more days and I will get my check. I hope I can pay my rent on the third. I can’t wait until I can get those books I’ve been wanting. But I’m going to have to modify my list. I think I will cut back on two books. Besides I have enough books to read.

Also. I was going to get a Kindle and a $50 Amazon gift card. This would cost me up to $200.00 But I am having second thoughts. I don’t think I can work the cost into my budget. Then, dummy me, I can’t figure out how to get Amazon to send it to her address. I looked and looked on that site but just can ot find a way. Besides, she ought five books. It will take her some time to read them all.I think I’m putting that off until Christmas.

Almost time for lunch. I sure hope I can have my act together after I eat. I’d love to get the paper and read and have time to get back to my book Empire of LLiberty. cant seem to do both because I sleep half the day away. Hell, I am lucky to read a few articles in the paper.

2:21pm I had a major incontinence episode during lunch. I asked the aide if she could change me while she picked up my tray. She said she had to take care of lunch trays, make her rounds, then she can change my briefs. Great, go make your damned rounds. It is very painful down there and I can just suck it up and sit in my own urine. I got pretty mad thinking I must be very low on the priority list.

Despite peeing myself I had a good lunch. When finished I called Chocolatechip we talked for an hour. First she talked about her budget for August. She can get everything she needs but it will be a tight month. Chocolatechip said she already has an August bus pass but can’t afford one for September.By eliminating September’s bus pass and her donation to Meals on Wheels she can afford a back up air bed. I said that’s too bad about the bus pass but an air bed is more important.

Then we talked about her bed bug situation. She asked me what was my take on why the exterminator was a no show. I said I do not understand it. They delivered a package last Friday and after looking around decided you don’t need sprayed. Also, maybe you got rid of the futon and air bed you don’t have bb. She said she hasn’t been seeing any bb. I said maybe you took care of the problem. Still she thinks they should spray her apartment.

We chatted for an hour on the phone and on messenger. Then she said she wanted to start reading her book Ordinary People. I said have fun reading. I would like to read the NYT but it is hard to concentrate while sitting in urine. The longer I’m sitting like this the madder I  get. I can’t understand why she couldn’t change my briefs first then make her rounds? I mean how long does it take to change a brief?

Needless to say my day isn’t going very well. I can’t get the care I need. I am sitting in urine. I am also in a lot of pain in my shoulders. I feel like one miserable old fart.

It is 3:35 I finally got changed. MB was in rare form. I got yelled at again for not ringing the call light. I didn’t say z word but just sat in my chair fuming. It doesn’t pay because I cannot win with her. Besides, I’m just glad I got cleaned up and changed. I Wii give her credit. She did a good job

6:33,pm I had a turkey club sandwich, two bows of pasta salad, Mediterranean vegetable soup.a dinner roll and Mandarin oranges for desert. For drinks I had a cup of hot coffee and a glass of fruit punch. I started to feel better while eating supper. Then I peed myself. I told the male aide when he picked up my tray. I distinctly remember saying, “I need changed when you get a chance.” He said ok.

That was an hour ago. I told the male nurse I needed changed. He said he will get the aide. She came back and yelled at me. She asked why I didn’t ring the call light? I said I told the aide. She said that was an hour ago. She said something else that I couldn’t understand. Then she left feeling very pissed at me. I was pretty pissed at her for not getting changed.

I’m getting pretty sick and tired of this kind of treatment. I was telling Chocolatechip if ij had any balls I’d file a formal complaint. I mean I get yelled at for ringing the light. I get yelled at for not ringing the light. They get pissed at me then I do not get my briefs changed. So I end up sitting in urine half the day. Isn’t it any wonder why I get on OD and bitch about this place?

I’m very upset right now. I spent the afternoon sitting in urine. I’ll no doubt spend the night sitting in urine. I was defused during supper time. Now I’m upset again. All I want is the care I’m entitled to without going through all this bull shit. I guess that is like being in hell and asking for ice water.

8:11pm Well I peed myself again about an hour ago. I rang the call light this time. The same male aide who picked up my dinner tray came. I told him I needed changed. He turned out the light and left. So far nobody came to help me. See! I ring the call light and don’t get help. I don’t ring it and get yelled at. Can somebody pleas tell me what I’m supposed to do?

This turned out to be a hell of a day. It is almost 8:30. I ha been in this chair for almost fifteen hours. I’m tired. I’m fed up  I just want to lie down in bed and forget this day ever happened

I’ve been wasting time by playing chess and solitaire. I’m trying to defuse so I can sleep tonight I hope I have a pain free night but that will be another unfulfilled dream. Life sure does suck.



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2 weeks ago

I was just thinking about you Bear. LOL! That’s great that everything is going well. Namaste!