Saturday 9/16/23

9:48a.m. I was changed twice last night. The first was around two. The second was when they got me up at five.i was still tired. I slept in my wheelchair until breakfast. For breakfast I haf the usual toast with scrambled eggs and yogurt.The coffee I had this morning didn’t help. I fell asleep in my wheelchair. In fact I slept most of the morning away. I must of been very tiered.

But I survived another night in the nursing home. It wasn’t that bad if you don’t mind laying in urine. I slept from nine o’clock until they got me up. I had a nice aide this morning. She cleaned me up, dressed me in a shirt and a pair of pants then hot me in my wheelchair. I can’t complain about the care too much. 

10:36a.m.Things have quickly taken a turn for the worse. I need changed. My briefs are on top tigh. It hurts like hell down below. To add to my misery the call light is on the floor. I have been yelling for help but no answer. This place sucks at times. 

12:18p.m. Twice I had to go to the nurse’s station and complain. Second time I got help.Two aides helped me. Im dry now and in bed. But why does it have to be so add to get help?

They will be serving lunch soon I’m having roast pork, green beans, mashed potatoes,a dinner roll and a fruit cup for dessert. This doesn’t sound too bad and  I’ll eat most of it. But what I really want and need is coffee. Coffee will start my engine so I can read t this afternoon. 

I did read at least one chapter on The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub. I’m learning more about Jack Sawyer and his mother Lily Cavenhaugh Sawyer. The mother is running from something. I think it is from Jack’s uncle Morgan Sloan. I think he was involved in some kind of shady business deal with Jack’s dead father. Morgan is after Lily and she is very afraid.

Jack Sawyer is also afraid. He is also a strange kid. He has what he calls the Daydreams where he sees strange things. He is also worried that his mother is dying from cancer. Then he wonders about this seemingly seedy New England resort they are now living in 

This story is growing on me. I didn’t think I’d like it at first. But I read three chapters so far. It is getting more interesting by the page. I think I will stick with it. 

6:26p.m. This has been a depressing day. I never did do well on the weekends. Weekends seem even worse since I’ve been in the nursing home. Not getting good care is one thing that makes me depressed. I have not been changed all afternoon. To make things worse my call light was out of reach So I lied in urine all afternoon. 

I slept away most of the afternoon. I woke up at 4:30. I called Chocolatschip. Her day wasn’t all that great. For one thing the Moochers are back Eddie the Moocher was bothering her for laundry money For some reason she can’t say no so she gave him $5 in quarters. Then Tim the Mooch was bugging her for some homemade fudge. Chococolatechip said she made him am batch. We both agree she has to go back to not answering her door.

We talked until they served drinks and supper. I had two hamburgers and a cup of chocolate ice cream. I’m a little bloated now but I’ll be ok. I hope I get better because I want to read more of my book tonight. 

8:15p.m. I read a few more pages in my book. This marks a 38 day reading streak. I’m proud of myself.m


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