Saturday 9/17/22

12:49pm I had a bad night. I had a lot of pain in my right knee. It was a five on my one to five pain scale. I was able to get some Tylenol but that didn’t help matters. Also I had some nightmares. I remember one dream where I was a gunfighter in the Old West. I shot a man in the belly. It was then my aide came in to get me out of bed.

I was in my wheelchairs by 5:00. I was very tired and my shoulders we’re hurting. I slept in my wheelchair until breakfast. I had a sweet roll,scrambled eggs, hot oatmeal cereal, two coffees and a glass of oj. Breakfast was pretty good but I was still tired.

I did manage to talk with Chocolatechip. She is ok. She went on telling me about Bingo. Chocolatechip said she won four different prizes Surprise surprise she sat and talked with someone. Those people were actually nice. She said it went ok but she doesn’t do very well in crowds.

I fell asleep after talking with Chocolatechip. Then Darla from PT woke me up. I had a PT session today after all. I was not prepared for it and I did lousy. I tried but I’m afraid I wimped out. Fortunately, she let me out early Once back in my room I fell asleep again.

I slept until they took another chest x ray. This time they got it done with one shot. I was up for good by then. It was close to lunch. I barely managed to stay awake until they served two cups of coffee.

I had roast pork, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans and a dinner roll.  Then I had a fruit cup for desert. Lunch was pretty good. I’m finally awake after good food and hot coffee.

9:11pm My afternoon and evening went well. I was able to stay awake but still felt groggy. I talked with Chocolatechip. She was going on about how she did some baking today. It was Tim’s birthday and he insisted on her baking cookies fork him. She was upset because that took a lot of work and wrecked her plans. Then to make matters worse he talked her out of some prizes she won at Bingo last night. Chocolatechip swears she is not going to answer her door.i always said he was a mooch.

We talked until it was close to supper. I had hamburger and French fries. For desert they served a gelatin cake. Then I had two cups of coffee and a fruit punch.

I did a lot of reading in my book Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era by James M McPherson. I finished reading Chapter 23 “When this Cruel War is Over.” If I remember right this chapter was about bringing conquered Confederate states back into the Union. The author writes that by 1863 the North was faced with the thorny issue of what to do with over 100,000 square miles of conquered Confederate territory. This area included Tennessee, parts of Louisiana and most of Arkansas

I also read most of Chapter 24 ” If it takes all Summer.” I enjoyed this chapter as well. It was about the l last years of the war. By the spring of 1864 Northern moral was at an all time high. The North captures Vicksburg, Mississippi cutting the Confederacy in two. Robert E Lee suffered a disastrous defeat at Gettysburg. It was thought that the war would soon be over. But McPherson writes that the South came back fighting and could still win the war.

I began reading after talking to Chocolatechip after supper. I read / listened to my book for a couple hours. I like to get out of my room and read in the dinning room area after supper. This way I’m not disturbing my roommate if he wants to sleep. I also like spending time outside of my room.

I had a good time reading my book. I love reading and feel so I was able to go back in time imagining myself fighting for the Union during the Civil War. The day ended on a good note thanks to my tablet and books.










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