Sunday 6/19/22

6:00am Aides finally got me in bed at eleven last night. I hate to say this again but I had another lousy night thanks to arthritis. I am so sick of dealing with bad nights and arthritis pain. Just once I’d like to be able to go to bed and sleep through ough the night. I would love to be wakened up at a decent hour but that is too much to ask.Still I had very nice aides who changed me and got me in my wheelchair by 5:30 I also got great care last night. I rang the call light and the aide came to change me. I did not have to lie in urine all night.

The first thing I do after the aides leave is turn on my tablet. I found a message from Chocolatechip. She said that as soon as she went to bed some asshole knocked on her door. This was around seven. Then at ten o’clock Dixie from Healthways called. The nerve of Healthways calling her that late on a Saturday night. Anyway Dixie was saying she can provide transportation to Morgantown. Chocolatechip said she already cancelled.

I called as soon as I read the note. She had a bad night all away around. Chocolatechip said she is convinced people in that hellhole are obsessed with her. I do not think she is too far off base. Why else would they be knocking on her door at all hours of the night? I talked with her and we agreed this is harassment. Whoever is doing this to her is a cowardly asshole.

Chocolatechip and I both do not have it easy. She has to put up with harassment almost on a daily basis. I have to put up with inadequate care sometimes and more or less constant pain. I feel bad for my girlfriend and wish there was something I can do to help. I couldn’t stop the harassment when I lived in the same building. She can’t do too much to help me except listen. I guess that’s about all we can do for each other

I’m awake now but I wish I had a cup of coffee. It is almost seven and they will soon be serving breakfast, I miss a lot of things from my former life. One of the things I miss the most is fixing my own coffee in the morning. I used to love to have a cup of good ole Maxwell House. I made it strong and oit was always hot. I guess it is the little things you miss the most.

9:51am I’m having a good morning. Breakfast was a coffee cake, scrambled eggs and oatmeal cereal. I had a nice cup of hot coffee with oj for drinks. Breakfast  perked me up a bit but I was still tired and sluggish. The amazing part of my morning was getting good care. I rang the call light when I had and accident and got help right away. Thisg does not happen too often.

I am feeling pretty good right now. I wheeled myself all the way to the front door desk and bought a dollars worth iof candy. I got to mix of kit kats and recesses peanut butter cups. So I gorged myself on sweets. On the way back other ought I ran into “Norman” from OT. We did not speak.

I am sin a pretty good mood. Good news is no arthritis pain. Also, I’m not tired or sluggish. I am not hurting in the least except in my left leg. Pain level is a two on a scale of one to five. That little jaunt and pigging out on candy did me a world of good. It broke the monotony of my morning. I don’t pig out every day but once in a while won’t hurt anything.

Chocolatechip just called . She is doing good despite the lousy night. We talked about the Morgantown trip. She was supposed to go there for a four hour test. She is experiencing mild memory loss. I guess her doctor wanted to test her for early onset of dementia. We do not think this is necessary because Chocolatechip vis highy functional.  She said on the phone, and I agreed this trip would have been a waste. I said it was an excuse to bill Medicaid and get a kickback.

We talked about other things as well. We had a nice long conversation about different topics. Wi always enjoy talking with Chocolatechip. Our conversation is another event that put me in a good mood.

I downloaded the Sunday edition of the New York Times. I looked at the headlines on the front page but was too tired to read. Now I feel better I’m going to try and read the paper.

10:04pm I had a very good day for a change. Arthritis pain was minimal. I felt rested and was even up most of the day. Aides we’re nice. Even Mean Bitch was nice Sje changed me in a timely manner. She even gave me a shower and shave. Meals were great and they put me to bed at a decent hour, around ten. I cannot complain about anything today.

I had a great lunch and the coffee nice and hot.

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2 weeks ago

Arthritis can go into remission. My prayer for you is that one day, you will be pain-free.