Sunday 7/31/22

5:00am The aide who yelled at me apologized. She said she didn’t know about my earlier attempt to get help. This made me feel a lot better. I accepted her apology.This occured when they were putting me to bed at 1o bed. I believe it is not good to hold grudges against anyone. As I read someplace forgiveness is three times blessed.

I had a lot of vivid dreams last night. In this one dream I was washing dishes at my parent’s house. For some reason I was wearing a blonde wig. Sure lly I heard kids knocking on my door r. They were laughing at me and getting drunk. I took off the wig and went to the back door. By then they were gone standing on the other side of the driveway. They were really drunk by now and yelling all kinds of names at me.

I was having a nightmare that I do not remember when the aide came to wake me up. She got me changed and rubbed lotion on me and got me in a clean gown. I was in my wheelchair by 4:50. Other than the nightmares and weird dreams I had a decent night. At least I woke up today and am above the dirt.

I am experiencing  mild pain in my shoulders.  Other than that I’m ok. Pain level is down to a two. So I’m having a fairly good morning I must of slept because I do not feel too tired or sleepy.. However, I will not be fully awake until I have my coffee  and breakfast for that I have to wait until after seven.  This is a major bummer.

The day is starting out ok. I hope the good feelings last. Yesterday was a total disaster. I hope I never have such a day in a long time. I hope I get better care and do not get yelled at.That is my one major wish.

One thing I forgot to mention. I was browsing on Amazon. One of the things I was looking at was Kindles  saw a Kindle Paperwhite for $139.99. I think I might get this for Chocolatechip for Christmas. I would also like to get her a $50 gift card. I worked out a budget and this is more than doable. I e. If she keeps up with her reading I think she will enjoy it.

5:33pm I had a pretty good day at the nursing home. i read a few articles ii ha the New York Times. I also slept a lot especially in the afternoon.Then I talked with Chocolatechip on the phone.i got good care today. MB gave me a good show and shave. I had two good meals I lunch and breakfast. Best part was I experienced only mild muscle spasms yes today was a lot better than yesterday.

Well tomorrow is the first. Chocolatechip gets her check. She plans on taking the bus down to the bank get her check and take the next bus home. Then her one daughter, Theresa, will take her to Walmart at 3:30 She plans on getting a back up air bed. She is planning on a big dayi

I just had my sopper of an Italian sub,  cucumber salad, clam chowder, two hot coffees and a glass of fruit punch. It was pretty good and I ate it all.  I didn’t think I’d be hungry because I had a huge lunch. One thing about this nursing home is you they don’t let them you go hungry. The food is almost always delicious.







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2 weeks ago

Keep an eye out, those things regularly go on sale for crazy discounts, particularly if they are about to come out with a new version. Being able to use mine to plug into the local library site was a game changer.