Sunday 9/18/22

5:28am I had a very bad night. I was I a lot of pain all night. At one point I wanted to get out of bed. Aide said it was too early. But she got me up and in my wheelchair by five. All I can say now is I’m above the dirt.  

My day is not starting off very well.i have a terrific headache. My shoulders and knees hurt. In fact I hurt all over. Depression also reared it’s ugly head. I feel like a pile of dog poop.

A good cup of coffee would work wonders right now. But it is only 6:00. I must wait for relief until at least 7:00. Coffee and a good breakfast almost always bring me to life after a hellish night.

2:15pm. I had French toast casserole, scrambled eggs, hot oatmeal cereal, two cups of coffee and a glass of oj for breakfast. Breakfast and coffee didn’t phase me one bit. I fell asleep in my wheelchair until breakfast an aide came in to intake me to the shower. I had a nice hot shower and that made me feel better. But I was still tired tand groggy

They pushed me back to my room. I called Chocolatechip.Chocolatechip was going on about how she did her housework and redecorated her appointment. She is now using the backup airbed as a couch. Chocolatechip said at least now I have something to lie down on while I watch movies. 

We talked a bit about buying expensive furniture. She does not see the point in buying a nice e couch only to get rid of it when it igets infected with BB. I don’t either I said. Then you would be without furniture and making payments on it  She did buy furniture with her stimulus money. I said you spent yours wisely.

I talked briefly about my book. I said I did a lot of f reading last night. I’m almostished with that book Battle Cry of Freedom. I said I enjoyed the book and I thought it was well written. I am almost finished having five or six more chapters to go. Then we started talking about books in general.

Chocolatechip asked me if I ever read Old Man and the Sea by Earnest Hemingway. I said I don’t remember reading that one story but I read a few of his works. She said she had to read it out loud in class. Then they had a discussion period where each student talked about what they could get out of it. Chocolatechip said she had a hard time with this because it was college material.

I was falling asleep on the phone so we said our goodbyes. It was close to lunch time anyways. I had roast turkey, oven baked potatoes, glazed carrots, a dinner roll and applesauce for desert. Then I had my two cups of coffee and atwo fruit punches.

I was still sleepy. I wanted to read after lunch but was too tired. I slept for about an hour. I talked some more with Chocolatechip. We talk briefly because she had to get ready for an outing tomorrow. Chocolatechip had another doctor’s appointment.

I wanted to read/listen to my book. My roommate is sleeping. So I picked up my tablet and push myself to the dinning room. Think I’m going to stay here and and read. 

5:57pm it seems I just cannot start reading until after school upper.i was in the dinning area until I had an accident. I pushed myself back to my room and rang the call light. I got changed right away. It was getting close to supper so I decided to stay in my room.

I talked with Chocolatechip untill 5:00. She wanted to go to bed early. I had two Philly cheese steak sandwiches, potato wedges and ambrosia for desert. I had my coffee and fruit punch. I’m finally able to concntrate because I’m awake at last. I plan on staying in my room and read 

I hope to finish Ch 24 “If it takes all summer.T This chapter is only then there is the next chaptet “After Four Years of Failure.” This chapter is only twenty some pages. I hope to finish this tonight. I should be able to reach my reading goal if I buckle down









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