Thursday 5/25/23

5:26a.a.m. I am above the dirt and blessed with another day. The aides were nice last night. I was put to bed at eleven. I had a good night’s sleep with. Ini um arthritis pain. Pain level was down to a two on a one to five scale. I was already up when they woke me up at five. 

I feel fairly alert this morning. I am in a pretty good mood. I’m not worried about finances or the letter from the nursing home I n fact note I’m  worried about a thing. What will be will be and worrying will only make things worse. I’m going to concentrate on my book and having a good day.

9:46a.m. I had a delicious breakfast of pancakes, ham and scrambled eggs. I only drank one coffee and a glass of orange juice. I called Chocolatechip after I ate. She had a bout of insomnia last night. But she was able to get some sleep. She said she might bake some cookies this weekend. Chocolatechip is a wonderful baker and I miss her cookies. I also said sa some for yourself instead of giving them away. 

We talked about inspection. She is all ready for them. I said you worked very hard to get ready.Chocolatechip said she could hear people running their vacume sweepers.They wait until the last minute and can’t get it all done. Then she said there were people who didn’t know they were having inspection But the important thing is she is ready.

We talked briefly. I’m afraid I fell asleep for awhile. I woke up needing help. I didn’t have long to wait. I had nice aides who came in to change my briefs and put cream on my sores. I asked for a pair of pants because I wanted to go to the  Coffee Social. They said none was available. 

I’m having a pretty good morning . But there is one little problem. The hoyer pad on the seat of  my wheelchair is cutting against my sore spot. It  was hurting like hell a little bit ago. But I am ok for now. I put cream on my thighs and that helped.

They  taking me to the Coffee Social now. . I can’t wait for a caffeine fix and a donut. Life is good.


Here is a picture of the fireplace and tv in the Fiesta Room. 

10:51a.m. I’m getting my caffeine fix but no donuts.  I’m here in the Fiesta Room. Despite lack of a sugar fix I’m having a good time. It is good to get away from my room for  while. Things are going great. I feel at ease and do not hear my name mentioned. Life is good. I only wish I had the New York Times to read. Then it would be perfect. 

12:23p.m. I didn’t eat lunch today. I was still stuffed from breakfast. Besides, it just did not appeal to me.  They served chicken cottage pie, glazed carrots, a dinner roll and a blueberry bar for dessert. All I ate was the desert and  dinner roll. 

I’m glad to be back in my room. I called Chocolatechip. They haven’t inspected her apartment. We talked briefly. She was watching the movie Overboard with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. She wanted to finish watching it so we said our goodbyes.

I’m wondering if Scott from PT is coming for me today. I hope not. I just don’t want to do the damned exercises, especially the exercise bike.  The life has gone out of me and it just hurts too much to move my legs.  I just want to sit on my lazy butt and read books. That’s how I pass the time while waiting to die.

6:31p.m. . I got very,very depressed this afternoon. I was doing ok then it hit me all at once. Consequently, I slept a good bit. My nap time did me some good because woke up feeling a lot better. My mood fluctuates sometimes. I could be doing just fine then all of a sudden I’m in the pits of hell.

I talked briefly with my psychiatrist. I told her about being depressed. I said I think it has to do with the financial problems. She wondered if I should be on something. I said I was on Geodon for depression. She wondered if they should increase the dose. I said I didn’t think it wasn’t necessary. I was just having a bad day. 

Chocolatechip passed inspection and was cleared of bed bugs.  She worked very hard and I was happy for her. I said you just proved to yourself you don’t need a caregiver. We talked about inspection. She went saying Kim asked if Keith and Carol passed. She did not know. I said all I’m concerned about is that you passed.

I had two roast beef with cheese sandwiches,  tater tots and veggie soup for supper. Then I had pineapple tidbits for dessert. I enjoyed the sandwiches but didn’t eat the soup. It was cold.

I talked to Chocolatechip after I ate. She said she was getting very tired because she was up since three. I was telling her about my bout with depression this afternoon but I’m ok now.  We both talked about how our mood fluctuates. I said I was never diagnosed with being bipolar but sometimes I wonder. Chocolatechip was pretty tired so we ended our talk around 6:30. 

I have not done any reading yet. I was just too tired. I plan reading Simply Lies by David Baldacci.  I left off at a good part last night.Book keeps getting better and better I’m  halfwaya goo through but still haven’t figured out the plot. Baldacci keeps you guessing with each passing page. 

Despite the bout with depression I had good day. At least  I’m above the dirt and was blessed with another day. I should be grateful for the blessings  Remember: 

  1. I live in a safe, clean environment
  2. I get tv, internet and phone service.
  3. I get three meals a day.
  4. I have plenty of books to read
  5. I have health insurance
  6. I have a wonderful partner in Chocolatechip
  7. I’ve been getting decent care
  8. I do have a Social Security check
  9. I’m still above the dirt

I have many blessings in my life. Life is good













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4 days ago

Good morning.  So glad you aren’t going to let things get you down today.  I hope you have a great day.

4 days ago

@happyathome good morning to you my friend