Thursday 7/28/22

7:15am I had another bad night.Thants to the usual culprit, arthritis pain and incontinence episodes, I did not sleep. think this marks the second night in a row with no sleep. Anyway pain was excruciating especially on my left foot? It was a five on a one to five scale.  Then I peed myself almost everyone hour on the hour. I got good care though but the aide wasn’t too friendly.

She got me up early around 4:30 I was in my chair then. Still I was  in a lot of pain thanks to muscle spasms in my left knee. Again they hurt like hell. My shoulders also ached. It seemed that every bone in my body was hurting. This made me feel like I was run over by a truck. My night and morning sucked.

I called Chocolatechip. She had just gotten out of bed and wasn’t too with it. Chocolatechip said somebody rang her number in the middle of the j night. I said it wasn’t me. Then I ithink she said some ody knocked on her last night. But she doesn’t care about that anymore. Don’t remember too much about our first conversation because I was half asleep.

I did fall asleep my chair. I got some sleep before they served breakfast drinks. I got my coffee and oj early. The coffee was very hot and then juice ice cold.Both were much needed and both hit the spot. Then I had my favorite breakfast of pancakes, scrambled eggs and oatmeal. It was was pretty good and both hit the spot.

I’m up for good now. I feel much better thanks to coffee and breakfast. Chocolatechip called. I told her about how good my breakfast was. She asked about the Pain. I said it was down to a three.. Chocolatechip got t her morning work done. She cleaner the kitchen and bathroom.. We talked about a mentally challenged guy named Duane I said I never thought I would miss him. Then as bad as OT got at times I said I misse that place It was home for better or worse.That was the extent of our conversations ion this morning. She was going to er at eight.

Well that is it so far.  I feeling pretty with bit so tam going over to the New 🆕 York

11:53am I just wasn’t up to you read ding the paper.  I just wasn’t up to it. I slept in my wheelchair most of the morning. I talked with Chocolatechip also. She was doing ok. She said her worker wasn’t coming today. She talked about somebody stalking her on FB. We think we know who it might be, Keith. I said don’t yworry about her I’m. She agreed to that.

She asked about the pain in level. I said it was about a thousand red? Arthritis pain comes and goes. Right now it is fairly mild? other er thanpain I had a very nice aide this morning. She changed me without any problems. Besides being tired and in a little pain I’m doing ok. She asked if I read the paper. I said I wasn’t up to it yet I’ll get to it when I perk up after lunch.

Just got my drinks for lunch. Two cups of hot coffee and a chocolate milk. Both will hit the spot. I drank my coffee and fell 100% better.

3:31pm I had BBQ chicken, scalloped potatoes,a dinner roll, spinache, two hot coffees and a fruit punch for lunch. Everything was good except for the spinache which I did not eat. The good feeling coffee brought on did not last. II fell asleep and slept a good bit of the afternoon. I woke up with an incontinence episode. But I didn’t have long  to wait to get changed. In that respect I’m having a good day.

I didn’t bother with the paper. I couldn’t read at all for being so sleepy. Then arthritis raised its ugly head. This time pain was located in both feet. It was excruciating and I wished I could of died. Sleep helped me escape from all this.

I’m alive. I’m above the dirt. How do I feel now? I feel like I’m hung over. My head feels funny like. I’m not yet half awake and could easily go back to bed. Please God let me sleep tonight.

6:31pm I did a very stupid thing today. I was accepted for a Credit One Visa card. I have a $2,000 credit line with no anual fee. I’m already in debt up to my eye balls with my present card. But , like the idiot I am I accepted Cred One’s offer in the mail. I had a plan worked out in my head where I can pay off Capital One and use the new card. I had it all figured out in my head but after more consideration my plan will not work. Oh well I simply won’t use this card in case of emergencies

I had a good supper. I had two pit beef sandwiches, tater tots and vegetable soup. I had. Fruit cup for desert then two hot coffees and a fruit punch. I enjoyed my meal and ate it all. Supper finally woke me up.In fact I’m wide awake right now.

I called Chocolatechip after I ate. She was in good spirits. Chocolatechip said she finished Coal Miner’s Daughter by Loretta Lynn. She said it was a very good book. We talked about books for awhile.i mentioned this one book The House on Seventh Street. It is about a Mafia family in Steubenville. I also highly recommend a book called Becoming by  Michelle Obama. She said what might be good for me might not be goo for her. Chocolatechip does have a point.

We also talked about my problems with arthritis and why I can’t sleep at night. Nursing home is giving me extra strength Tylenol but that is not working. Chocolatechip, who used to be an LPN. keeps saying I’m experiencing breakthrough pain. We both agree that the meds they are giving me is not working. We cannot understand why the Home wont give me something stronger such as Ibuprofen. That is a wonder drug for pain re?if.

We also talked about the ice cream social OT is having tonight. Chocolatechip felt kind of bad she is not going. She is having the exterminator come and inspect her apartment for bed bugs. I said you need to get ready for that. This is more important. Chocolatechip agreed with me. We talked about the event some more until 6:30 we said our goodbyes and she went to get ready for bed.

Now evening is fast approaching. I’m wide awake. Most people are winding down for the day. I feel I’m just getting started. Also pain level is down to a two. I felt like shit all day but now I feel good. I hate to say this but it looks like I’ll be up for a other all nighter.

Once again I’m going to try and read the paper. I hope I can get some of it read before going to bed.  I saw earlier where they had an interesting article about Senator Joe Manchin, or Senator from West Virginia Head!one said he made a complete u turn and is now supporting Biden’s climate change legislation. I’d like to read this one article tonight. I love to follow stories about politics.

9:46pm I read the NYT for a couple hours. I got tired and around nine. . I rang the call light hoping to be put to bed. Aide who came said ina half hour r it is 8:50 and I’m still in my wheelchair. I e been in the s chair since 4:30. That is almost seventeen hours. No use getting mad for that will not make them come.

I got an email from Credit One. I’ve been approved. I have to ugo through a fina verification process before they will send a card. I’m half hoping I will be rejected that the last moment. For I used myself maxing out this new card on books and Kindles. What the hell was I thinking? I need a new card like I need another butt hole.

Anyways I should be getting this card in ten days after the final verification process.i will be getting my check on the third. I will load it all on my old card  pay my rent rent and buy the books I want. I will expert every ounce of self control I possess and sit on the new card. I want to do my best to safe it for an emergency. If I’m smart I will cancel it but before racking up more debt.





































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