Thursday 8/4/22

12:52pm I had a very lousy night thanks to arthritis pain it kept me up all night. I was glad the aides came in at five. I was very tired and miserable. I slept in my wheelchair until brakfast. I had an egg sandwich, oatmeal cup of coffee and oj. Talked with Chocolatechip after I ate. Then I slept until lunch.

I had weird dream about my dad. We got in a shouting match. He was yelling at me calling me a no good number after spending a fortune on my education. I called him a no good son of a bitch. This made him even madder at me. He calls me the f word and a lazy ungrateful bum. He kicks me out of the house I end up being a bum in Steubenville.

I was a,wake for lunch? I had beef pork with gravy on noodles, carrott, dinner roll and a peanut butter bar for desert.i also had two cups of coffee and a fruit punch. punch was good


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I think your subconscious is trying to tell you something Bear. Also, how can beef be pork as well? 😉 Joking… sounds lovely.