Thursday 9/14/23

6:02a.m.  I read until nine last night. Then I finally put the book down. It turned out that Holly was not abducted by Emily and Rodney Harris. She went to their house to question Rodney about the disappearance of Corey Dressler Rodney answered her questions and let Holly go.But something tells me the crazy old couple is planning to hurt Holly in some way. 

Reading King didn’t give me nightmares. I slept fairly well. My only complaint was they didn’t change me. I was not changed until the aides got me up at five.  But this time they dressed me in a pair of pants and a shirt. I swear I not know how to act when I’m wearing pants. 

I called Chocolatschip. She was drinking her morning coffee.  We talked about her decision not to move. I was really hoping she could move to the other place. She would be safer and free of bed bugs. But after listening to her I can see her valid points for staying at OT. She just had to stay away from the Bitch Clique. I said I noticed a big change for the better since yesterday. I guess not moving is one less thing to worry about. 

We talked for a long time. One other thing we talked about was bed bugs. Chococolatechip saw one crawling on her bed this morning. She caught the sucker and killed it. Chococolatechip also mentioned Tim the Moocher. He has bb bad. She was talking to him yesterday but he is another person to stay away from because of bed bugs. Anyways, we finished our talk because she wanted to start her day. 

Now I’m just sitting in my wheelchair waiting for breakfast and coffee. I must of slept good because I’m not sleepy. Still. I could use my morning coffee and orange juice. I’m going to check the hall to see if the drink cart came around. 

10:35a.m. I got my coffee and orange juice early. As it turned out the drinks were the best part of breakfast. I had a dry cake and barely warm eggs. I ate anyways because I was hungry. It was better than nothing.

The coffee didn’t do much for me. I was very sleepy. I fell asleep in my wheelchair. I slept a good bit this morning. I did wake up and talked with Chococolatechip. We talked briefly about Tim the Moocher and bed bugs. I wasn’t too with it and she had to get ready for a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. So we said our goodbyes and I went back to sleep.

I’m at the Coffee Social now. I hope the coffee will start my engine. I want to read as much as that Stephen King book as possible. I’d like to finish it tomorrow. Next up will be another book by Stephen King witn Peter Straub called The Talisman. 

1:04p.m. I had a big plate of beef tips with lots of gravy, carrots, a dinner roll and a chocolate bar for dessert. I’m afraid I overdose on coffee . I had three cups plus three glasses of fruit punch. I ate a lot but didn’t eat all my lunch. Still, I got bloated. 

I read my book Holly. It is Cary Dresser Holly is looking for. I also learned why Rodney and Emily Harris are abducting people. Again I don’t want to reveal the story It is a story that can come only from Stephen King. 

I made it back to my room just in time. I’m afraid lunch made me sick. I desperately need my briefs changed. I have not been changed since  I have a feeling they will tame their food old time. Once again I’ll be sitting in feces and urine all afternoon. 

4:56p.m. I didn’t have long to wait after all. I had a nice aide who came in to put me to bed and change my briefs. They came in to change me around 2:30pm. This was shortly after I rang the call light a second time Still, I haven’t been changed since 5am. This is not right.

I spent the afternoon reading Holly. I still need to learn how she finally catches the bad guys. Again, I’m not going to spoil it for anyone who might be reading me. I think I have it figured out but !in always keeps  me guessing. I have about a hundred pages to go. I’ll probably stay up late tonight reading. 

7:13p.m.  I had two BBQ pork sandwiches and a cup of mixed fruit for supper. They served corn but I didn’t eat it. I had a fruit punch and coffee for drinks I got a little bloated but I’m ok now. I talked with Chococolatechip for a few minutes. She was pretty tired so she went to bed early.

I’m getting closer and closer to the end of Holly. Holly is going after Rodney and Emily Harris. She now thinks they are aiding the abductor for whatever reason. Holly can’t believe yet that she is on the the trail of the real bad guys. Rodney and Emily know Holly is coming to their house to snoop. They will somehow capture Holly and kill her. I bet they will get away with murder.

I am trying to finish this book tonight. But part of me doesn’t want it to end. I fell in love with a fictional character named Holly Gibney. I hope King does not kill her off in the end. I hope he writes more books about this flawed but very brave female investigator.


































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