Thursday 9/15/22

5:24am I had a very relaxing evening. I read two chapters in my book Battle Cry of Freedom:The Civil War Era by James M McPherson. I read for three to four hrs straight. I’m proud of myself because I exceeded my reading goal.

I started getting tired around ten. I fell asleep in my wheelchair. The aides didn’t put me to bed until 12:30. I had a good sleep despite having weird dreams I don’t remember. The aides woke me up at five . I’m in my wheelchair now.

I am above the dirt. I should be thankful for that. But I’m going through the usual morning complaints. I’m experiencing very sore sholders plus arthritis pain in left knee. I feel very tired and have that hungover feeling. I sure could use a cup of coffee .

I called Chocolatechip. She was doing ok this morning. She got up at two in the morning. We talk briefly. She had to do her housework. Also get ready for a ride to Grace Lutheran Church in Steubenville.

10:58am I had a n egg with cheese sandwiches, hot oatmeal cereal, three cups of coffee and a glass of oj for breakfast. It was pretty good and I ate it all.

I have I all figured out what in doing on the 30th.

 SSI Check.                                                          $112                  Audible premium.            $15.99.                                               Kindle unlimited.               9.99.                                               New York Times.               19.99 .                       45.97                                                                                                                                                                                                                 $66.03

Then I plan on buying four books:

  • Jon Meachum And then there was Light.   $14.99
  • John Grisham The Boys from Biloxi.            $14.99
  • Michael Wolf.      Landslide.                            $14.99
  • Eric Foner.             Reconstruction.                 $15.99                                                                                          $60.96

I should have $5.07 left.

I had physical therapy today. I really kicked ass. I did all the leg exercises then ten push up. I also stood two different times for a total of six minutes. Then she pushed me over to the exercise bike.  I moved my arms for fifteen minutes. I spent about a half hour doing exercises. This was my best day at PT

Chocolatechip called when I got back to my room. She just got in from the Lutheran Church. She picked up some needed grocery items I think Chocolatechip said she got two bags of groceries. We had a nice conversation then she had to unpack her items. 

12:55 pm I had  beef tips on noodles with gravy and carrots. Also had a dinner roll and a cookie. For drinks I had two cups of coffee and a fruit punch. Lunch was delicious. I ate it all.

I’m just chilling right now. I feel very bloated from lunch. So I’m sitting here hoping it will pass. Other than that I’m having a good day.

6:12pm I fell asleep for awhile in the afternoon. I think I slept for about an hour or so . After waking up I saw my roommate sleeping in his bed. I wanted to read / listen to my book Battle Cry of Freedom. So I took my tablet and went to the dinning room.

I read from about three to five. I started reading Chapter 21 “Long remembering, the Summer of 1863.” The year 1863 parked a major turning point in the war. In the Virginia front the Confederacy was winni ng. In fact, 1863 was the high point of the Confederate cause. Lee had won  decisive victory on May 1 -3 at Chcellorsville against the Army of the Potomac lead by Joseph Hooker. In the west Grant had tried four times the previous year to take Vicksburg and failed.

In this chapter the author talks about Grant’s last and successful land campaign against Vicksburg. He also talked about the Battles of Chancellorsville. After this battle the lLee had to make a choice. He decided to invade the North again. This second invasion lead to the disaster at Gettysburg which turned the tide in favor of the Union. I haven’t gotten to this chapter yet.

I kind of like reading in the dinning room. I read until around suppertime and went to my room.. I called  Chocolatechip and talked with her until they served dinner. I had two sloppy joe sandwiches, corn and a cup of mixed fruit for desert. Then I had two cups of hot coffee. Supper was delicious and I ate it all.

I’m back in the dinning room. Yesterday I read two chapters. I don’t think I will be reading two tonight. I’ll do my best though. 

 10:00pm I read two chapters in my book Battle cry of freedom:The Civil War Era by James M McPherson. I really enjoyed these chapters. I read about the Battles of Chickamauga which was a disaster for the most Union . I also read about  Chattanoog 

This was a very good good day. I didn’t have too much arthritis pain except for a few muscle spasms. I got good care. The meals were good. I reached my reading goals. I even gotta did great in PT. Ikb

















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