Thursday 9/22/22

6:11pm This has been a very shitty day. First, I had such a bad night thanks to arthritis pain. I did not sleep because of it. I was so uncomfortable in that gd bed I was practically begging them to let me get up. They would not let me up until well after breakfast.

I had pt right after I got out of bed. I told Darla I just couldn’t do it because I had such a bad night. I did wimp out today. I only did kicking exercises, three sets of fifteen on both legs. This made my legs hurt like hell. I just couldn’t do the rest and begged them to let me go back to my room. 

The rest of the day was uneventful. I was so frigging tired. Morning was really bad because I kept getting muscle spasms in my left leg. This was in addition to the regular pain I felt in my shoulders.  I was tired as well but couldn’t sleep. In short I was one miserable old fart. 

One bright spot was the meals. Breakfast was ok. I had two slices of toast, scrambled eggs and hot cereal. The coffee was hot and the oj nice and cold. For lunch I had roast beef with gravy, potatoes, a dinner roll and jello for desert. Then for dinner I had Italian vegetables soup, chicken cacciatore,rice and a dinner roll and a cookie. I can’t complain in that department.

One thing I found out today is the sores on my butt are breaking out. They do not want me sitting in my wheelchairs all day long. So the aides used the hoyer to put me to bed. Nurse came and she put cream and lotion on my bottom. I stayed in bed for a couple of hours.

I didn’t  read today. I just couldn’t get with it. I’m feeling a bit better now so I will read tonight. I want to start off with Chapter 2 “Radical Reconstruction” in The Republic for Which it Stands. I hope they let me stay up at night so I can finish this chapter.

9:05pm I have been reading/ listening to my book The Republic for Which it Stands. I reached my reading goal of one chapter a day. I’m still wide awake and still in my wheelchair I will probably continue to read until they put me to bed?

I am a bit mad though. I’m sitting in my wheelchair drenched in urine. I needed my briefs changed since supper time. I asked the aides twice and they said in a little bit. I probably will not get changed until bedtime. No wonder sores on my body are breaking out.

Chocolatechip said they should be checking on me and repositioning me every two hours. I said I was put to bed around two this afternoon. They got me up around four. She said there is no excuse for that. I agree but I’m at their mercy. All I know is sitting in your own urine is not fun. 

Other than that the day is ending on a good note. Arthritis pain has finally subsided. I am well fed and had my meds. I’m not depressed pressed or worried about finances. In fact I feel very calm and relaxed after getting lost in my history book for three hours

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September 23, 2022

You are so right, sitting in your urine is not going to heal those sores.  Also, sitting in your wheelchair for so many hours can’t be helping.