Tuesday 5/23/23

7:24a.m. I was up all night thanks to arthritis pain. Pain level was a five on a one to five scale. I was a pretty miserable old fart. One good thing was I didn’t have an incontinence episode. I got up around six. That didn’t go well either. Nurse made me use a walker . I thought I was going to fall. But the aide helped me and I safely sat in my wheelchair

I called Chocolatechip. She didn’t have a good night. She had a bout of diahrea. Getting sick two days before inspection isn the last thing she needs. But she took some meds for it and felt better. Then Chocolatechip talked about this one person ratting her out over a trivial matter. People in Overbrook stay up all night, smoke pot and do all kinds of shit. I said if that was the worse they could get on you you are doing fine. We talked briefly then she had to start her day.

I just ate my breakfast. I had scrambled eggs, a sweet roll and oatmeal. Plus I had two coffees and an orange juice. It was standard breakfast food but I ate it. It is better than going hungry.

Well I’m above the dirt. I should feel blessed but I feel like road kill this morning.

10:54a.m. I received excellent care a little bit ago. Aides used a hoyer to get me in bed. Then they gave me a sponge bath and put lots of cream on my sore spotS. I was then dressed in clothes and they took me to the coffee social.

I just finished chatting with Chocolatechip. She is finished cleaning. After inspection Chocolatechip said she would like to start going to Mass on Sunday.  I said I think that would be a good idea. Then she started talking about moving. Chocolatechip said she is sick of the people in Overbrook. She mentioned a place in Follansbee. Chocolatechip said she’d like to move to a place and start all over. I said I always wanted to see you move out of Overbrook. 

I was telling her about how they have Bible study every Tuesday night at 7.  I said I’d like to start reading the Bible again.i have an NIV StudyBible on my Kindle. I read it from Genesis to Revelation. I must ay the experience changed my life. It wouldn’t hurt for me to reread the scriptures.

Chocolatechip asked if we ever sent to Mass together. I said we walked to St Paul’s one time. She asked how I liked it. I said I thought the service was great. I also remember going with her on Ash Wednesday one time. 

We had a nice chat about religion.  She was raised Catholic while I am a non denominatiol Protestant. But I have a lot of respect for the Catholic church I guess it is all in what you grow up with.

We ended our chat . rooI am at the Coffee Social.  I’m having a good time I already had my coffee and donuts. Today i.m sticking to one donut and one coffee. I don’t want to get that bloated feeling all afternoon. 

4:15p.m. I had a big lunch. They served two slices of pork, plate of noodles , veggies, a dinner roll and peaches for dessert. I couldn’t eat it all. I got somebody to take me back to my room. I talked briefly with Chocolatechip. I was pretty sleepy so I ended up napping for a out an hour. 

I had physical therapy this afternoon. Scott from PT came late. He put hot towels on my knees for twenty minutes. Again they wanted me to do exercise and ride the bike. Again I refused so he took me back to my room.

I talked to Chocolatechip. I was talking to her about PT. I said I think I’ve lost something since they took control of my SS check.i said I don’t seem to want to try and do exercises anymore. I have given up on myself. Chocolatechip said that did hurt me a lot. 

We talked about some other things as well. Chocolatechip said her daughter Anne brought some groceries and laundry money. I said great. I asked how Anne was doing. She said fine. We also talked about inspection. I said after all the work you did him sure you will pass. But she was worried because she couldn’t remove spots from some of the kitchen appliances. Chocolatechip asked what I was having for supper. I said a salad, meatball sub, fries and vanilla ice cream, according to the menu.

Then I said this was one of those days where I wished I was back in Overbrook. But I also said I could never go through an inspection. Chocolatechip said I would probably have ended up in a home even if we had gotten married. She sad I need 24 hour care. I said my arthritis got so ibad plus the incontinence made independent living impossible. I guess that’s how some people end up. 

I haven’t done any reading yet. I’ve been waiting for PT all afternoon. Then I was kind of do less and groggy from lack of sleep  I just couldn’t get into my book. But I will pick it up after supper.i ended up in a turning point in the story last night. I’m anxious to find out more. So I’ll definitely be reading tonight.

9:05p.m. I ate my meatball sub and that was all. Even that made me feel bloated. It seems everything I eat makes me bloated. But I love to eat and it is difficult to control my food intake

I never made it to that Bible Study Group. I talked with Chocolatechip until she went to bed. Then I started to read my _David Baldacci novel Simply Lies. I don’t want to reveal the story here. I will say it grabs your interest and does not let go. Thanks to this book I had a very enjoyable evening.

I’ve been in my wheelchair for almost fifteen hours But I’m not sleepy . I’m wired up from coffee and a great mystery. I’m almost halfway through the book. Just when I think I’ve solved the case the author pulls a surprise. This makes me want to stay up and read more.















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