Tuesday 6/18/24

9:17a.m. I had a better night. I slept with no weird dreams. I was up for good by 7:00. They served a skimpy breakfast of a sweet roll and scrambled eggs.  I had nice aides this morning. They got me dressed and in my wheelchair by 8:30. I’m all ready to head to the Fiesta Room for the coffee social. Today is going to be a much better day. 

10:08a.m. I had a good time at the coffee social. I didn’t hear anyone talk about me. I had a nice cup of hot coffee. The coffee perked me up and made me feel good. I made my way back to my room. I called Chocolatechip. She finished her laundry for the day. We talked for a few minutes about the “Phil” situation. Then she had to go.   

I have today’s menu. They are serving meatball subs, French fries and vanilla ice cream For dinner it’s roasted turkey, Brussel sprouts, dinner roll and a peach cobbler. I have two good meals today.    

I wonder if I will have physical therapy today. So far they haven’t come for me. They probably have up on me after yesterday’s fiasco. I just couldn’t do it yesterday. But I’m all Gung Ho today.  I want to make up for lost time. If not I can sit and listen to Team of Rivals.    

11:13a.m. I just got back from physical therapy. I worked with Darla today. This time I did all my leg  exercises. I’m not in too much pain. The process took forty minutes. Then she took me back to my room. I called Chocolatechip. She was watching The Betty Broderick Story. That happens is based on a true story . It was about a woman who kills her ex husband and new wife. But we talked for a few minutes.    

Now that I am finished with PT I can listen to my audiobook Team of Rivals . This is such a great book about Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. I can get lost in the story.       

12:44p.m.  Lunch was delicious. I ate it all and didn’t get sick. I’ve also been listening to Team of Rivals. I’m still on Chapter 17. The author was talking about the politics behind the Emancipation Proclamation. I found it very interesting. Then I talked with Chocolatechip. We talked for about a half hour. She is planning an outing with her sister Cathleen and daughter Anne. I said I hope you have a good time. We talked until NBC News Daily came on.      

2:46p.m. I’m having a good time listening to Team of Rivals. i am halfway through Chapter 18. The author talked about the battle of Antietam. It was Union victory of sorts. Lincoln decided this would be the right time to issue the first draft of the Emancipation Proclamation. Thus Antietam was a major turning point in the war.   

I was interrupted by the aides who came to put me in bed. They cleaned me up good and changed my briefs. The hoyer pad started to hurt so I was ready for. Then I called Chocolate chip. She was cooking something and didn’t have time to talk. I might as well go back to my book. 

6:46p.m. Supper made me sick. I had very painful bm. I feel very weak and sore after going through that. Now I will be laying in my own filth for a couple of hours at least. I was having a pretty good day until now.   

I was talking with Chocolatechip before  supper. She is going to Walmart for groceries tomorrow morning. We talked about different subjects. That scam school. SCI, got their payment. We also talked about Misery Towers. We both agree that that place is filled with very sick people who seem to have a beef with Chocolatechip and myself. I know I sound like a nutcase but I’ll go to my grave thinking it’s true. 

On a lighter note we talked about Dr Phil. She said he had a good show today. It was a continuation of Monday’s show. His guests were two con artists who met on this dating site. They were both trying to get each other’s money. Chocolatechip said the girl showed no remorse at all. She was a pathological liar. That would of been an interesting show to watch.   

She is going shopping at 8:30 tomorrow. She plans on getting up early in the morning. So Chocolatechip went to bed early at 5:00. So we talked until then. They served drinks and supper. Like I said supper sucked and it made me sick. 

I hope to listen to one more chapter in Team of Rivals .I am on Chapter 19. I don’t know if I can do it while lying in filth but I’ll give it a shot. I have nothing else to do. 

8:07p.m.  I didn’t have to wait long after all. I just had a nice hot shower and a shave! I feel much better. The aides who cleaned me were very nice and did a great job. Now I can concentrate on Team of Rivals.      

10:04p.m.I finished listening to Chapter 19 of my book Team of Rivals. In fact I got through three chapters today. It is getting late and I should call it a night. But I’m wound up and excited. I want to see if I can get through Chapter 20 tonight. Besides, I had such a good day I hate to see it end. 






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June 18, 2024

I’m glad you had a good day and especially glad you have Chocolate Chip.

June 18, 2024

@wildrose_2 Thank you. I hope you are having a good day

June 18, 2024

Sounds like a great day! Make the most of it.