Tuesday 6/21/22

5:43am.i’m above the dirt and faced with another day in the nursing home. I had another bad night thanks to arthritis and bad dreams. Pain level was the highest rating, a five. Then when I did sleep I had very bad nightmares Thankfully I do not remember these dreams. On the plus side I had a nice aide. She got me in bed after eleven She gave me a nice sponge bath and changed me. She checked gon me during the night and I was not lying in urine. Same aid got  me dressed and in my wheelchair by five. .

I’ve been getting good care for the most part. My only complaint is I don’t understand why they insists on giving me Tylenol. It does not work I wish they would give me Ibuprofen. I took that at home and that is a wonder drug. I asked for it several times. Frankly the arthritis is killing me at night and I can’t sleep because of it. Then I sleep during the day while in my wheelchair. That is no good. I do not know how much more of this I can take.

I’m ok now except for being sleepy. I sure could use a cup of Chocolatechip ‘,s coffee. I always said she made the best coffee in town. I’ll never forget the times she would invite me to her apartment for morning coffee sessions. I had the best time of my life for we would laugh and carry on like we hadn’t a problem in the world. Now I have to wait until the nursing home serves coffee.

It is 6:35 They won’t be serving breakfast or coffee for another hour. The time between getting up and the time they serve breakfast is the longest part of the day.

12:06 I had a pretty good morning? I had hot oatmeal cereal, toast, scrambled eggs, two cups of hot coffee and a glass of oj. I started reading Needful Things by Stephen King. Rather, I listened to the audible versioannd followed it along with the ebook.i finished it this morning.It really had a hell of an ending. On a scale of one to five this one is definitely a five year Again I won’t discuss the story or the plot for fear of ruining it for someone else. This is why I have been having so many nightmares.

Next up is a John Grisham novel,Sparring Partners. i do not know what this story is about except the main character is Jake Byriggamce this character in appeared in three other Grisham no els. I read most of John Grisham sham books. In my humble opinion he is one of the best authors we have. I’m looking forward to reading this only I don’t have the Audible very soon.

Breakfast and Stephen King put me in a good mood. I felt somewhat tired but was able to stay awake Arthritis pay in has gone down to a two. I did not have too many incontinence episodes Overall mood was upbeat most of the morning. I actually enjoyed myself while listening to Stephen King.

Chocolatechip had a doctor’s appointment today? She arranged for a ride to WMC via pf Blessed Transportation. She called me while at the doctor’s office. Things went well for her but she had an encounter with Jenn who is a member of the Bitch Clique. But that did not ruin her day. I’m proud of her.

I just had my lunch. I had breaded fish, potatoes and veggies. I had strawberry zpmbosia for desert and a dinner roll. Two cups of coffee were hot and the fruit punch cold. Lunch perked me up even more and I’m feeling great..

Going to look at the New York Times for now then start on my new book after supper. Life is good.

5:11pm I managed to read a few article in the New York Times. I’ve been following stories about the war with Russia and Eukraine. I read one article today about how Russia placed  a blockade   on Ukrainian imports. This is causing a major food shortage throughout the world. The article went on to state that some African countries are facing famine. Anyways I think it was the EU who declared Russia’s blockade a war crime. Putin says the locade will be lifted if the West lifts the sanctions. I thought this to be an interesting article.

I didn’t make much progress because of too many interruptions. First, there was the guy from physical therapy. He wanted to see how well I get in and out of bed. I need a lot of help with this. I need my wallet to stand up. Somebody has to hold onto me while I grab onto my walker. Then, I have a hard time getting from my chair to the bed. Then , after I sit on the bed, somebody has to lift up my feet.

After we did this he had me move my Arms and legs. Then he was telling me that I will start pt again. This time it will last for two weeks They want to work with he in getting in and out of bed. I said I have been doing that with a walker. He said they don’t want me using a lift. I said that is fine. I guess our sessions  will start tomorrow.

Then I really had a time of it with the cords. I had trouble with the call light cord. I was very frustrated because one of the aides hung it on a lamp fixture This was hanging on the wall almost to the ceiling. I couldn’t reach it to save my soul. I got scolded by an aide who came in to change me. She wanted to know why I didn’t ring the call light. I just shook my head and said I don’t know.

Afternoon was kind of shitty. But I survived. I had to diffuse after the aide changed me. I just sat in my wheelchair until dinner which was so so. I had a turkey sandwich, tater tots and a cookie. I had one hot cup of coffee and a fruit punch. I’m not complaining. I was grateful to have something to eat.

I wanted to start reading that new John Grisham novel. But I haven’t finished the front page of the Times. I guess I will read more of the paper tonight. Hopefully there will not be any interruptions.


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2 weeks ago

I love when you are having a good day :-). I don’t usually read scary books but maybe I should try Needful Things.