Tuesday 8/2/22

8:06am I had a other very bad night h anks to the usual culprits, arthritis pain and incontinence episodes. I also had some weird dreams. I was dreaming about being attacked by pit bulls. I was by the old Market St Bridge walking down route 2 to Follansbee. Someone was driving having by and he threw out a pit bull. The dog was very mean and started to attack. I remember taking off my jacket and throwing at him. The dog started to chew my jacket. While he was busy with my jacket I tried to run around him.

There were other people in  the dream. They were watching the dog but doing nothing to help. One unknown soul stopped his car. He shouted “You want a ride?” I ran to the car. I tried to open the car door but couldn’t. My hands would not touch the door handle. In the meantime the pit bull was finished the tearing up my jacket. He saw me struggling to get into the car.Foam was coming out of his mouth. The dog was ibegan to attack  pme I was trapped.

This was when the aide came in. She woke me up around s3:45. Boy wasca vever glad to see her Ifelt exhausted from my nightmare. Please us my legs were in excruciating pain. But I was still glad to see her. Aide helped me on ut of bed. She dressed  e in pants and a shirt. then helped me in my wheelchair.thoughr got good care this onoju

I was still very tired. I slept in my wheelchair untill breakfast. I had a plate full of scrambled eggs.  Four slices of toast, hot cereal and a banana. Plus I had two cups of coffee and a glass of orange juice. Breakfast was delicious and I ate it all. I feel a tot better. At least I’m abovevthe dirt.

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I love pitbulls. I find that if you train them well, they won’t be vicious. 🙂

1 week ago

I think I had the same dream but it was a friend from high school behaving pretty much the same way.