Tuesday 9/12/ 23

1:02a.m. I had too much coffee yesterday. Now I cannot sleep. I’ve been trying to sleep since ten. It looks like it will be up all night I had lousy care as well. I was changed at 7:30 last night. I had a few episodes since then. I was lying in urine until a little bit ago. I’m having a very shitty night  

6:33a,m. I was still awake when they came to get me out of bed at four. I had a very nice aide who took good care of me. I was in my wheelchair by 4;30. Chococolatechip called. She was in good spirits.  But Eddie the Moocher knocked on her door last night. Then she saw a bed bug on her airbed this morning. I guess she  still has them.

Chococolatechip talked about the exterminator who sprayed all over her apartment.  Even the exterminator doesn’t know where they are coming from .My guess is the bb built up an immune to the spray. All I know is once you get those suckers you can’t get rid of them. I said that’s all the more reason to move.

 I was yelling Chococolatechip I got over  stimulated by too much coffee and Stephen King. I always end up all night when I read his books Chococolatechip said that book isn’t going anywhere. I know I said I just couldn’t stop thinking about that damned book.

I hate it when I don’t sleep.Lack of sleep wrecks my whole day.  I will either crash or load up on more coffee. If I load up on more coffee I won’t sleep tonight. If I don’t have coffee I’ll sleep all day and be up all night. I’m screwed either way.

I just checked the hall for the coffee cart. It is after seven and no coffee. Of all the days to be late they pick the one where I desperately need a caffeine jolt! This is just not right.

9:57a.m. They finally served breakfast and coffee. I had biscuits and gravy. It was pretty good. The coffee didn’t help much. I talked with Chococolatechip briefly after I ate then fell asleep in my wheelchair. I slept for a long time. Then I had the aides put me to bed and change me. I’m in bed for the day. I just can’t do the coffee social.  

6:01p.m. I ended up crashing most of the day. Then lunch made me want very sick. On a scale of one to five bloated feeling was a five. I slept through the worst of it. Then I had my carafate pill and Mylanta. They were a big help. Stomach settled down around supper. But I just couldn’t take my meal tonight. 

I read a good bit in the morning. I got my reading done before crashing. So my reading streak is thirty-four days now. I hope I can read tonight. But I don’t want to stay up too late. 

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